"Down the way the road's divided…"

I miss greenery. This is one reason I hate living in SoDak in the winter. From about October until May (give or take), everything’s covered in snow. And it doesn’t help that I have SAD, and don’t yet have the necessary means to spend winters in warmer, sunnier climates.

I should be putting the finishing touches on my face, and getting myself ready to head out for work…But I’m procrastinating. I don’t technically have to be in until 9, but I’ve got a massive pile of year-end statements to sort through that’s going to take 2, maybe even 3 hours, so I might as well get going sooner rather than later.

I also need to venture out to the grocery store sometime this weekend. I was going to wait and go early tomorrow morning, while everyone else is off at church, but I once again neglected to take anything out for dinner tonight, and we’re getting down to bare-bones in the pantry & freezer, so I might do it this afternoon. It depends on how motivated I am to get my list and coupons together today. It also depends on whether or not Jay has gamers coming over this afternoon.

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