"I don't like Mondays…"

I’ve been really busy today. In spite of the fact that I didn’t have to go into work because of the MLK holiday, I still treated today like a regular workday. I had planned on working out this morning, but since I didn’t fall asleep until after 11 last night, I figured sleep was a little more important.

I had the laundry done by 4, I made cookies, and I made pseudo-pumpkin-pudding. And after Jay got home from work, we ran a couple errands. Because I’m exhausted, I broke our self-imposed rule of not eating out, and we ordered pizza. When we were at the grocery store on Saturday (weaving in & out of all the people who seem to think grocery shopping is some sort of social gathering event, and like to stand in the aisles and just talk, even when you interrupt them 3 times, because you just want some organic canola oil, and they’re standing right in front of it, and give you a look like you’re the idiot), we did pick up a couple frozen pizzas, which we just as easily could’ve had, but I haven’t had a frozen pizza since I was pregnant (I tried eating one during my first trimester, and it made me ill, so I’ve shied away from them ever since), and I didn’t even want to go to the trouble of preheating the oven. That, and I just really wanted an excuse to give Domino’s & their new & improved pizza a shot (it tasted like old Domino’s to me).

I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. Don’t ask me why–Last week was long and seemed like it took forever. This week should be a little quieter, I hope.

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