"I wanna feel sunlight on my face…"

When I was home at Christmas, Kendra gave me a bottle of vitamin D that she had. Living in Ohio, she’s got a little better access to sunlight than I seem to here in SoDak, so while she’s got some issues with SAD, they aren’t nearly as severe as mine. I haven’t been taking the vitamin D as I much as I should’ve been, and I’ve been really crabby this past week. Part of it was the fact that at my last WW meeting, I had a gain of 1/2 lb. I’m still not happy about that one, and I’ve been spending the morning tweaking my breakfast & lunch menus to try to eat decently, but without starving myself.

The bambino has been having some trouble sleeping lately. His toddler bed has a space in between the two guardrails that he’s constantly falling out of–He’s rolled around like crazy when he sleeps ever since I was pregnant. But he’s also discovered that if he whines & cries when we put him to bed, sometimes Mama will sit by his bed & rub his back till he falls asleep. A not-too-wise-habit I’m working on breaking. Being a working mom, I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t get to spend enough time with him during the day, so I’m more inclined to snatch any extra moments with him while I can…In a few more years, I’ll become an idiot and an embarrassment to him, so I figure I’ll enjoy while I can the times that he’s still actually happy to see me!

My friend Jennifer had her baby girl yesterday. Allison & I might go and visit and see the baby (and Jen) later today, weather permitting. We’re supposed to get freezing rain and more snow between tonight & tomorrow. Joy.

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7 Replies to “"I wanna feel sunlight on my face…"”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with sitting with your babe & rubbing his back til he falls asleep Chica….I did for you and your sister…and I do it for some of the grandkids….he’ll break the habit himself

    • I just don’t want to screw him up and cause him to have insomnia issues the way I do…I do remember how you’d tell us little stories before bed and you’d stroke our hair before we’d fall asleep.

  2. My daughter is 3 and has caught on to the “Rub my back, Mom!” trick, too.

    I’ve been reading your blog forever (can’t even remember how I came across it) because I’m in SD, too. Just wanted to say hi so I don’t feel like a creepy stalker, now that you have comments on. So “Hi.” ;-)

    • Hello and welcome! :)

      I’m guessing it’s probably a common kid trick, to avoid bedtime. Somehow my son seems to think that if he says “No bedtime!” enough, he can hang out downstairs all night! I also figure that it must be payback, since apparently both my husband & I were night-owls as children!

  3. Urk! It as taken me two weeks to get to your blog! Now you have moved– but it’s good :-) I’ve always liked WordPress, but I already have too many blogs.
    Yes, the stupid-arsed Midwest winter has really got folks down, this year.
    For me, if I can manage to post every 3 days, I’m on a roll. Too much crap going on, and not enough energy to post about it, let alone deal with all of it, argh!

    I think it’s good that you give back rubs to your bebe… it’s as much comfort, as a signal for sleep :-)

  4. I’m a creepy stalker. :) Crazy busy madness at work that I don’t/can’t blog about, but I’m peeking in now and again!

  5. I’ll lay in bed with Josie. Usually I fall asleep before she does. Doesn’t matter what you do – you need your sleep. And some day he’ll tell his wife – you have to rub my back to sleep like my mom always did!