"Smiling as the sh*t comes down…"

I was all excited to get “Homicide” delivered today, as well as my new bakeware. Because I wash before I use (be it new clothes, or new dishes/cookware), I did the dishes before I started on dinner (I also got some dessert bowls, as my regular cereal bowls are a bit large, and I hate using my mugs whenever we have ice cream or something else that should be served in a bowl). The kitchen sink has had a slow cloggy drain for awhile, and I’ve used 4 bottles of Draino/Liquid Plumber in it over the past month or so. I really should learn to save my receipts so I can get my money back, because none of it worked. I tried using the plunger, but that only sort of worked. Jay, gods love him, attempted to at least clean the trap, but he ended up making a mess of my kitchen and breaking a piece of the pipe. And of course, the replacement we went out & got from Lowe’s didn’t exactly fit, so now we’ve got a spare garbage can under the pipes , and we can’t use the sink until we can get a plumber out here to take a look. I called one place (because I know one of the plumbers, and because my in-laws have used them before), but some old hag told me that no one could come out until Monday, and that boy, if no one could get home before 5, well, that just wouldn’t do, my gosh, they could, y’know, be there for an awful long time. I got pissed, snapped that I’d call back & hung up the phone. Eff that. I should’ve hung up when she asked me if I’d just noticed this evening that the sink was broken. Yes, Ancient Crone. I did a load of dishes, and only then realized that my husband was attempting to unclog the drain and couldn’t get the pipes hooked back up correctly. B*tch. I think the next time I see Bill, the plumber I know from the company in question, I might mention that he lost out on some cash money because of that. I have a stinky, clogged kitchen sink, and I’d damn well better not have to wait until Monday to get it fixed. I’m going to take my chances and call the company that my boss called when his furnace died last month–They also do plumbing, so I’m REALLY hoping that if he got them out for furnace repair on a Saturday, maybe I can get a plumber out here. If not, I will be highly peeved, because I’ll be damned if I try doing dishes in the sink or bathtub this weekend! It’s just highly frustrating, because between this, my trip to the ER last month (which was the coldest night of 2010 so far, as well as the same night our furnace crapped out), the fact that Junior’s got a door that can’t be opened from the outside as well as a busted headlight, and we have a garage door that can’t be shut…I think I hate life. Guess it’s a good thing that despite the fact that I took yesterday afternoon off, I’m still going to end up with some OT. Looks like we’re gonna need it!

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2 Replies to “"Smiling as the sh*t comes down…"”

  1. Bummer on the plumbing woes!

    I have to mention that I used to use those drain cleaners and was warned in no uncertain terms by a plumber I trust that they should NEVER EVER EVER be put into any drain for any reason. I resisted until the time I did it and the bottom of my sink disposal dropped out. I mean just totally fell off, eaten away. I don’t buy those any more.

    • The apartment manager in the place I lived in back in OH said the same thing…I quit using them after I did secretly one time, and I swear the next day, someone had to replace a drain in our building–It wasn’t mine, but it freaked me out enough that I hadn’t used them until recently. We did get a plumber out here this morning, and he gave my husband a few tips & suggestions on how to fix this problem in the future…So back to Lowe’s it will be at some point to buy our own in-home auger!