"You can read it in the Sunday papers…"

On January 13th, we happened to swing through the grocery store to pick up a couple things. Right in front of the produce area was a guy selling subscriptions to the Argus Leader, Sioux Falls’ main paper. They had a deal on Wednesday & Sunday delivery for $10/month. I like newspapers, and I miss reading the Sunday paper. Plus, since we’re supposed to be on a budget and all, the coupons in the Sunday paper would be most helpful. So I signed up. It helped that in return for my subscription, I received $15 in Hy-Vee gift cards. The problem is that I have yet to see an Argus Leader, either on Wednesday or Sunday. I really doubt that anyone is stealing our papers…Our area of Brookings might be the northern/older/less-desirable section of town, but it’s quiet. And we’re right across the block from a church. No, I think the problem is with whoever the chuckleheaded delivery person happens to be for our neighborhood. I have called the customer service department three times now. This last time, I called just to cancel the subscription altogether, because even though they keep giving me credit for all the papers I’ve missed, it’s stupid for me to have to keep calling about it. However, the guy I talked to offered to give me another 2 weeks free if I would just give it one more chance. Supposedly he talked to his supervisor, who was supposed to contact the manager of the delivery area, but I don’t know if that happened or not. The woman with whom I spoke last week said the same thing, and it looked like nothing had been done. But, not surprisingly, I checked this morning, and I still have yet to see an Argus. I’ll give them the 2 weeks, then I will call to cancel and won’t get suckered into giving them any more chances.

Jay & I decided this afternoon to do something that will shock anyone who knows me even remotely well. We’re going to attempt a vegetable garden this summer. Yes, I know that I don’t eat vegetables, other than a select few. I know that I hate Nature and the not-so-great-Outdoors. I’m not fond of bugs, dirt, heat, or sunlight. But I’m going to try and grow food. I’m actually kind of excited about it. We went & bought seeds for tomatoes, carrots, radishes, zucchini, peppers, lettuce, cilantro, oregano, parsley, marjoram, and pumpkins. We’ll see how it all works out. I should probably get a bunch of books on gardening, seeing as I know virtually NOTHING about it! And we already figure that this first year will be more of a learning experience than anything else, so we’re not exactly having high expectations for any decent yield.

I need to budget my time on weekends when I don’t work Saturdays a lot better. I went grocery shopping yesterday, and that was pretty much it. Today, I’ve baked cookies, made breakfast, made dinner, did all the laundry, including the bambino’s bedding, remade the bambino’s bed after his sheets & blanket were clean, hand-washed I don’t know how many dishes, made homemade hot fudge sauce, popped out to the store, and at the moment, I have bread rising for the second time. I think in large part, I’ve made myself so busy in order to exhaust myself, because I haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep since Wednesday night. But I’ve also kind of screwed myself because I won’t be getting into bed to try & fall asleep until probably 10:30, if not later. Oh well.

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4 Replies to “"You can read it in the Sunday papers…"”

  1. *gawps in stunned amazement*

    I love veggies, I like gardening, I like the outdoors, bugs are OK, dirt is fantastic, etc… but there is no way in tarnation that I would take on that much work!!

    This is one of many reasons why I like you! More power to you– I hope you update on your garden frequently once it’s started & going :-)

    • I don’t know what took over me when Jay suggested we get a few things…But I’m all into plotting the garden and companion planting & stuff. Of course, it’d be a lot more exciting if all this dang snow would start melting, but I guess that’s just going to have to wait. And never fear, I shall post pictures of my garden failures (and hopefully successes, although I won’t be surprised if the veggies that do really well wind up being ones that I’m least likely to eat!)…I’ll have to prove to everyone back home that I’m really and truly going to do this! :)

  2. I’m so glad I read this. I just decided I was going to try gardening this year as well. If you find any good books or websites please let me know. I eat a few veggies but I would really love to grow some fruit. My mom used to have strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in our little backyard in NCH – so I can do it too! Fresh fruit & veggies cost us about $25 a week so anything to save a bit would be nice.

    • My mom sent me a copy of “Vegetable Gardening for Dummies” which I read most of this afternoon (I just focused on the chapters that are applicable to what we’ll be trying to grow), and I found it pretty handy. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time on the Farmer’s Almanac’s website, as well as USA Gardener (http://www.usagardener.com). I probably will get a couple more books in the next couple weeks, just to have a few more references!