"Movin' right along…"

Last week when I was home with a sick bambino, I wound up ordering myself more dessert bowls, as well as some juice glasses. He seems to like them, because they’re small enough that he can use them without trouble, and they look just like Mommy’s & Daddy’s glasses. Although the new glasses are very obviously new, because they’re a darker green than the larger and older glasses I’ve had for a couple years now. I suppose every time I have some extra cash and it’s burning a hole in my pocket, I’ll just have to hop online and see what new goodies Pfaltzgraff has for sale.

I went grocery shopping with the bambino this morning, and spent too much, as usual. I figure that if I’m going to start spending $80/week on stuff, I should cook a LOT more at home. And we’ve actually been pretty good about it. There was one evening where I wasn’t remotely hungry at all, so Jay & the bambino ended up having a frozen pizza. And last night, we ended up getting Domino’s, just because pizza sounded REALLY good to me. And I have yet to clean off the dining room table or unload the dishwasher.

The bambino looks more like a little man now than a little kid…He got his 3rd haircut this morning, and while it went marginally better than the last time he got a haircut, he still wigged out a bit and thrashed a bit during the process. I felt less embarrassed this time, as there was another little boy who looked to be a bit younger than the bambino who was also getting his hair cut, and wailing just as much. They seemed to calm down a bit whenever they’d stare at each other, but after about 30 seconds, one or both would start sobbing again. Luckily, I’m not that picky about what his hair looks like at this point in his life…I just don’t want him with a mullet or bangs than hang down to his nose.

I’ve got some sirloins thawed that I’ll be broiling for this evening’s dinner. Tomorrow night I’m stealing a page from The Pioneer Woman, and making both her mac & cheese as well as her BBQ meatballs. I have a feeling that after tomorrow’s Sunday dinner with my in-laws, I’m going to want to gorge myself on comfort food (because I do that in times of stress), and I will follow the mac & cheese and meatballs with as much ice cream as I can cram into one of my new dessert bowls (more than what’s shown in the photo above), drowned in the hot fudge sauce I made last week. Plus, I’ve been using this week as an excuse to pig out on any, all & everything, since we had a week off from Weight Watchers. Next weigh in is this coming Wednesday, and I should probably curb my appetite so that I don’t do too much damage. I have 15 pounds to lose before I reach my goal weight, and only 17 weeks in which to lose them. I need to get crackin’. I also probably need to stay away from The Pioneer Woman’s website.

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2 Replies to “"Movin' right along…"”

  1. The other day Kenny stood up and I was shocked that his big baby belly was gone and that he now had a nice flat little man belly. It was so sad!

    We have a place in Cincy that specializes in kids haircuts. They sit in a fun car, watch their favorite movie – and is much more pleasant. Costs $2 more but so worth it for them not to scream!

    • I was kind of hoping that Lex would’ve been a little better than last time, but no such luck. One of these days I will learn NOT to take him so close to nap time! There’s a place down in Sioux Falls that’s basically a children’s salon, but I didn’t want to make the drive down there for that–But maybe I should start taking him there instead!