"Saturday, where else are you gonna go?"

I kind of like my mundane Saturday ritual…The bambino & I go to the grocery store, he gets some chocolate milk & crackers to munch while we shop, and I get a cup of coffee so that I don’t maim or bite someone’s head off due to lack of caffeine. I’m thinking that I’m going to have to up my grocery budget if possible, if I’m going to continue buying organic or natural. I can’t wait until the farmers’ market starts up in a couple more months…And we can get our garden up & running. Granted, since this will be our first year attempting a vegetable garden, I’m trying not to have too high of hopes, but if I can at least get some decent tomato soup and/or pasta sauce out of it, I’ll be happy.

I bought a couple containers of Oikos this morning, to give them another try. I think, though, I prefer Chobani, when it comes to Greek yogurt. For one, it’s about 50 cents cheaper than Oikos. And it’s just a hint milder-tasting. I see that Dannon and Yoplait also have Greek-style yogurts out now as well, but I don’t think I’ll be trying them. I’ve read a few online reviews that say they aren’t that good, and I’ve been trying to stay away from as much HFCS as I can. I will say, though, that my Oikos Vanilla tasted pretty good with the Bear Naked Maple Pecan granola I also bought. I usually make my own granola, but I neglected to buy pecans, and I’ve got enough other things to try & accomplish today that I didn’t want to bother.

Jay’s been really nice this week, and treated us to dinners out 3 nights in a row. As such, the only meat that I bought was some Organic Prairie Ground Beef (I had a coupon), and some steaks that the bambino requested (which were on sale). Everything else I got was either to restock the pantry (spaghetti, broth, bananas, potatoes) or necessities (diapers, napkins). Since I haven’t cooked in 4 or 5 days, I can pretty much reuse the menu I made last week. I’ll tweak it a little bit, but I haven’t really cooked since Tuesday night.

I’m planning on maybe getting the laundry done this afternoon, since it looks like we’re going to Sunday dinner with the in-laws tomorrow. That way, I can fix breakfast in the morning (after Meet the Press), and make some bread after we get back.

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