"I can see the sun in wintertime…"

It cracks me up a little that this cup of yogurt, and the quarter-cup of granola I added to it are a 5-Points breakfast. I was going to have my oatmeal & strawberries (which are only 4 Points), but I wasn’t sure exactly when I might get around to eating said yogurt, and since I paid $2.50 for it, I’m sure as heck NOT throwing it out. I will say that the Oikos is growing on me, and I like the strawberry version better than I liked the vanilla I had the other day. For one, the tartness of the strawberries mask the tartness of the yogurt (which is one reason I stayed away from yogurt for many many years). For another, it seemed a lot thicker and creamier than the vanilla. One of my coworkers & I were discussing Greek yogurt yesterday, and I happened to bump into her at the store last night–They’d restocked on Chobani, so she’d picked some up. Had I not bought a bunch of Oikos already, I’d’ve picked some up for myself! It’s hard not to like a yogurt company that sends you a birthday card!

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6 Replies to “"I can see the sun in wintertime…"”

  1. I still can not eat yogurt. My kids eat it every day & love it – but I can’t make myself like it.

    • Lex actually likes the plain stuff, which I think is nasty. If you don’t like regular yogurt, you’ll hate Greek yogurt…Definitely an acquired taste. It’s a LOT more tart than regular stuff, but it’s growing on me. The granola helps.

  2. I just love greek yogurt, but I’ve always been able to eat spoons full of straight sour cream. Cabot is cheapest and still yummy. You can get a huge container for $3.99 at my grocery, and I top it with honey, oatmeal (just dry, plain oatmeal), sliced bananas and any other fruit I have around (usually blueberries or strawberries). I have started eating this for dessert instead of sugary stuff. Makes me feel good knowing that I’m eating something good for my innards that tastes so good.

    • I’m just a recent convert to Greek yogurt, but I love how thick & creamy it is. I bought 2 4-packs of Oikos’ new “Pure Pleasures” (in Chocolate, of course!) that are delicious & creamy like pudding–But healthier! Unfortunately, we don’t get many Cabot products out on yonder tundra, but I’m working on getting my grocery store to expand their health market/organic foods section!

  3. It is growing on me too. Try crunching up a 1 pt. granola bar into the yogurt and adding 1/2 cup of berries– same taste but for 3.5 pts.