"Well, at least they left the Creedence…"

This started off as a semi-decent day, in spite of Daylight Savings time. I got up around 6, as did the bambino, so (bad mom that I am sometimes), I parked him in front of some Tom & Jerry as I took a shower. When I was done, my plan was to make up some sausage biscuits and have them ready in time so I could watch Meet the Press before we headed down to Inwood. Before I started the biscuits, I unloaded the dishwasher and when I was done with that, I took out the trash. Our dumpster is right by our back door, and as soon as I opened the door, I noticed that sitting on top was the stack of CDs that we keep in the pocket right underneath the CD player in our car. On top of the CDs was the face-plate to the CD player. And because SoDak has recently become a rainforest, everything was soaked. So I went running upstairs to wake up Jay, who went to check and make sure nothing else had been taken, and I called the cops. One came by about 10 minutes later, and said that most likely, it was punk high school or college kids, and ours was the 5th call he’d responded to this morning. Stupidly, we haven’t been locking our car doors–False sense of security and all, and you don’t necessarily expect that someone will trespass on your property and into a building on your property, unlocked car doors or not. Luckily, nothing had been taken, and whoever had rifled through our things was likely sending us a message. Punk asses. In a way, I’m glad that we weren’t the only ones it happened to, but at the same time, I’m almost afraid that if these kids come back and find our doors locked, they’ll smash a window or something. But hopefully it doesn’t happen again, and this will be the kick in the butt we need to get the garage door fixed.

In spite of that, we had a nice visit with Jay’s grandmother and other relatives down in Inwood. The bambino took a liking to his cousin Rachel, and his great-uncle, and in spite of only getting about a 45-minute nap, was charming and showing off a little for everyone. All in all, it was a nice day, although I’m glad to be back home.

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2 Replies to “"Well, at least they left the Creedence…"”

  1. Punk-ass kids! Stay off of her lawn & out of her car…

    I’m glad your car wasn’t messed with (smashed windows, etc.). Weird, that nothing was taken. What, there was nothing to take to sell at a pawn shop, so that drugs could be bought? Oh, sorry. Jaded me.

    Remember when “mischief” was a flaming bag of dog poop, toilet-papered trees & tipped garbage cans? I miss those days.

    • Apparently whoever rifled through my car did not care for the Aggrolites or U2. Jay had the same thought, that they apparently didn’t think there was anything worth selling. But yeah, it was weird that nothing had been taken. And thankfully, even after being out in the rain, our CD player still worked!

      Don’t forget about throwing eggs at people’s cars or windows, too.