"I’m walkin’ all by myself…"

It was so nice being able to go for a walk after work tonight. In spite of the puddles, and in spite of the mud, the fresh air was wonderful. We just went around the block, since neither Jay or I was skeptical that the bambino would make it the whole way without wanting to be carried. The poor little guy tripped and fell, and has a nice goose egg on his forehead now.

I love baking with Dutch cocoa, but it is a HUGE pain and seems to get EVERYwhere. We’re having a bake sale tomorrow at work for a coworker who’s possibly got MS, and her husband is either having or has had back surgery, so I decided to make the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies from my latest issue of Everyday Food (I don’t have a link to the recipe, because all I found was a Betty Crocker one, which very well could be the same, but I didn’t bother to look, and I’m too lazy to type out the recipe right now. Perhaps when I have more time or I come back to proofread, I’ll provide it.). I did leave out the chili powder, just because I don’t think it would’ve gone over very well, although I was rather curious to try the cookies that way. No matter…The dough (and cookie) that I sampled tasted just fine as is:

While my ego hopes that all my cookies sell, I’m also secretly hoping that no one appreciates the beauty that is chocolatey cinnamon, and that I get to bring a bunch back home with me. The recipe made 33 cookies (minus what I sampled as I was making the dough), so I’ll take 2 dozen for the bake sale, and keep the rest for myself. It’s after 10, so I need to go bag them up and get myself to bed.

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3 Replies to “"I’m walkin’ all by myself…"”

  1. I want this recipe. I have one for a similar cookie and I add the cayenne pepper. It give the cookie just the slightest hint of something else. I love it!

    • I will gladly post it for you later this evening! I was not only afraid that my coworkers wouldn’t care for them, but that my son would be scared away from anything I made ever again if I had added the chili powder & he ate one. Which probably isn’t a bad thing….