“Make mine a double!”

Some updates here for the couple readers I have…I’m now at my own domain, www.tramplingrose.com, and at some point, I’ll update my WordPress blog to reflect the change. I’ve gone through a lot of blog changes in the first quarter of this year, but hopefully this will be the last one for awhile!

I’ve been bad…REALLY bad today with eating junk and not bothering to watch my points. Allison asked me if I wanted to go to lunch, since she could take the later break. Since we don’t get to have lunch together all that often, I agreed. I didn’t pack a lunch and had just planned on walking over to Subway to get something, but it wasn’t a meal I was exactly looking forward to. So we went to Oly’s, a pub/grill/casino here in town. They’re quick, cheap, and good. Plus, they’re about 5 minutes from Hy-Vee, which means they’re about 5 minutes from Starbucks, which is inside Hy-Vee. Even with my Caffé Misto, I was still dragging this afternoon.

And while Jay & the bambino showed up to work to escort me home (we’ve been using that as our evening walk, since we don’t live all that far from where I work), the fresh air didn’t rejuvenate me or wake me up. We went and ran some errands after work. And since we were so close to Culver’s, their crinkle cuts called to me, and I did not resist them. At least I stopped at the bacon double cheeseburger basket, and got iced tea instead of soda…

I shouldn’t gripe too much. After all, I did say that Culver’s and Target were basically the only 2 reasons I went to Sioux Falls, and even if we ever got a Target in Brookings (highly unlikely, from what I’ve been told), I’d still go to Sioux Falls to shop for clothes. Or I’d do like I already do, and utilize the internet!

I did get a pleasant surprise in the mail this afternoon:

Three weeks ago when I went grocery shopping, Jones had $1.00/off coupons if you bought 2 packages of sausage. They were on sale, 2/$3.00, and since it’d been awhile since I’d eaten sausage (it’s not exactly Weight Watchers-friendly and all), I figured what the heck. The bambino & his father love sausage, and Jones is probably the best-tasting stuff I’ve had, as far as frozen sausages go (and I like the fact that they don’t have tons of extra junk in them). Two weeks ago, I got 2 more packages, since the sale is going on all month, although instead of the dollar-off coupon, there was an offer of a free reusable grocery bag with 2 proofs-of-purchase. I dunno how it is at other locations, but the Brookings Hy-Vee gives you a 5¢-discount for every reusable bag you bring in. I never usually get more than about 30¢ off my total bill, but it’s nice not having all the extra plastic bags cluttering up the space underneath my kitchen sink. I think I mailed off my POPs and my form at the beginning of last week, so I was a little surprised at how quickly my new bag came. And I like using different ones, just to stand out. My mom gave me a couple Kroger bags when I was home last September, and the guy in line behind me, who just happened to be from Toledo, asked me how I got them. I also have a Reds bag, and now, the Jones bag. It makes me look forward to Saturday morning and grocery shopping!

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4 Replies to ““Make mine a double!””

  1. I get so geeked over my reusable grocery bags too! I love them because I can pile stuff in them. And the less bags – the fewer trips inside the house. Its the simple joys in life. I should send you a Meijer bag (my dad still works there) they are bright blue and can’t be missed! Brianne also got me some really cool ones that fold up tiny and fit in my purse so I always have them on me.

  2. I would LOVE a Meijer bag–We don’t have them out here, and the one over by Kendra (that I always used to go to in college at 3 in the morning) is now closed. :( Plus, I find it amusing when the grocery clerks look at my bags like “Where is this place?”

  3. So are you collecting bags Chica? I’m sure we can find some more unique ones for you.

  4. Oh, I wouldn’t say I’m collecting them, per se…It’s kind of like me & watches or my plaid shoes–I just like them to be conversation starters!