“And it burns burns burns…”

We spent a lovely yet gluttonous night down in Sioux Falls…As in, when we finally retired for the night, I laid in bed, in pain, because I had eaten WAY too much JUNK. We got Junior worked on, although we’re going to have to venture back in 2 weeks, because the door handle was actually broken, and they had to order a new one. So it’s another 2 weeks of crawling across the passenger’s side to open the door, but at least there’s an end in sight.

Part of the hotel package I booked included dinner for 2 at Texas Roadhouse. It’s funny that I’m usually pretty good during the week, and lately I’ve been buying almost exclusively organic or all-natural food, but when it comes to fried greasy food that’s horrible for you, I can’t get enough. Jay tried making me feel better about the fact that I got a salad as one of my 2 sides, but I ate far more of my steak fries (smothered in the excess gravy from my country-fried sirloin) than I did the greens. After we were done at dinner, we popped over to Target to get the bambino a sippy cup, since we’d neglected to bring one from home. Jay needed some caffeinated soda for this morning (he doesn’t drink coffee), and as we were wandering the snack aisles, I came upon this:

Which I decided I needed. I wasn’t planning on eating it right away–Texas Roadhouse always gets packed on Saturday nights, so we got there at 4, and were done eating around 5:30. I figured by the time I’d be craving dessert, I wouldn’t be feeling so full. But then I saw this:

So I got them both. And then (along with some help from the bambino) I proceeded to eat them both. And because of the sugar overload, I then decided I needed something salty from the vending machine. About halfway through my bag of chips, my stomach started hurting, and because of sodium overload, I chugged about 3 bottles of water in about an hour. No wonder I felt disgusting and had slight trouble falling asleep.

I’ve eaten somewhat better today…I swiped an English muffin and some peanut butter from the breakfast bar in the hotel. After he woke up, the bambino & I went down, where he asked for a waffle, and I tried the biscuits & gravy (which I only had about 3 bites of because they weren’t all that good). The bambino ate about 2 bites of his waffle, and I ate 2 more, then we went back up to our room to get Jay.

Once we got back to Brookings, we popped out to the grocery store because I was really hoping that Vanilla Chobani was back in stock. Alas and alack, ALL the Chobani was gone! I somewhat suspect some of my fellow coworkers who are also in the Weight Watchers At-Work series…Katie & I have eaten it during our meetings, and have been spreading the word about how good it is. So I have to keep checking back, although I did pick up more Stonyfield Farm French Vanilla yogurt to tide me over. I do miss the Greek stuff, though. We also picked up some ribeyes that were on sale, because after we got back to Brookings, we bought a grill:

I know most people around here are big fans of gas grills, but we had a little Weber kettle when I was growing up, and I LOVE the smell/taste of anything cooked over charcoal. It’ll be a learning experience, since I’ve never done it myself, and it’s been a few years since Jay’s grilled…But I think we did okay:

The bambino polished off half of the smallest steak, and Jay & I both finished ours. I’m thinking that I might have a chocolate Oikos for dessert, once I finish folding/putting away laundry, and bathing the bambino!

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4 Replies to ““And it burns burns burns…””

  1. I see you are meat lovers as well. Do you ever cook any fish? Joe’s been asking for it and I’m looking for some recipes. I’m a little scared to cook it and think the grill may be the best place to start.

  2. I very rarely cook fish, because I’m a freak who only likes fish that doesn’t taste like fish–Stuff like cod, haddock & tilapia. Jay, however loves the stuff, and had grilled such exotic things as shark steaks (although I don’t recommend those, since he said they weren’t that good!). That being said, I’ve got a recipe for some fish cakes that I’m going to try out over the weekend…I can give you the recipe, if you’d like.

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