“You’re like an old friend, come to see me again…”

I had every intention of writing last night, but I was so exhausted that it just didn’t happen. With our Survivor challenge at work, I’ve been getting up each morning, and pushing myself on my stationary bike (I have a combo bike/elliptical, so when I get tired/lazy during working out, I can plop my butt down for a rest) because our challenge this week is to log as many miles as possible, be it biking, walking, running, etc. So I’ve been seeing how many miles I can log in 30 minutes. So far, my personal best has been 6.13 miles. I haven’t quite caught up on sleep yet, and this morning when my alarm went off, my body forced me to sleep an extra hour. I don’t think it helped that the bambino had woken up a couple times between 2 & 2:30 this morning, but I skipped working out. I have been wearing my pedometer, though, and I’ve logged a little over 8600 steps so far today. And we took an extended, scenic route on the way home tonight, after Jay & the bambino picked me up.

Last night was “vegetarian night,” so I made polenta with marinara sauce.

I’ve never made polenta, then served it without letting it cool & set up overnight. I’m sure it can’t be all that different than grits, although I don’t remember the last time I even had grits (unlike the rest of my family, I don’t mind grits), so I could be wrong. I’ve discovered that I also like broiling the polenta, since anything is better with a little carbon scoring.

The marinara wasn’t anything special–Just more Bertolli Organic Tomato & Basil.

It was just okay. I think overall, if I’m going to use a storebought marinara, I prefer Amy’s Family Marinara. At $7/jar at Hy-Vee, it’s a bit much, but I find the price is worth it. And for something like polenta, which doesn’t have a whole lot of taste as it is, you pretty much need a good sauce.

But overall, the meal wasn’t bad.

I even took the leftovers for lunch this afternoon, although I didn’t have anything else to go with it. By 3 today, I was starving! I had some Dr. Krackers, but they weren’t quite enough to tide me over until I got dinner ready tonight (more grilled cheese & bacon with a side of fries–I needed junk food). No matter. When I pack my lunch for tomorrow, I’ll include a salad.

And because I’m still tired and exhausted, I think I’m going to go get myself ready for bed, so I can hit the hay soon after we put the bambino down!