Hy-Vee got more Chobani in stock!!! And had I thought about it before I left work at noon, I could’ve written down Katie’s cell number and called her to tell her to rush down and grab what little Vanilla I left behind:

I also got an email from the Brookings Hy-Vee director, explaining that they only get Chobani in once a week, but that they’d try and order more in the future. I thought that was nice.

I also made some Baked Eggs & Tortillas in Creamy Tomato Sauce, courtesy of Martha Stewart & Everyday Food Magazine. They were delicious, although, as usual, I tweaked the recipe, since it called for onions, and Jay & I despise them:

No onions there…Just some onion powder hidden in the background! And, because I was wearing just a plain white t-shirt while cooking with tomatoes, I also ended up wearing some of the sauce:

At least it wasn’t more than that, and this is just an undershirt anyway. And it was kind of fun to crack the eggs on top of the tortillas and sauce mixture:

As soon as I saw the runaway yolk, I immediately had the thought that if Martha Stewart was making this herself, not only would the sauce not have splattered on her baking dish, but her eggs would be lined up perfectly in two straight rows of four each. It made me giggle.

Despite all that, the end result was delicious:

And yes, those are green beans in the background. I bought frozen green beans at the store today. Why is this a big deal? Because anyone who knows me even remotely well knows that I do not eat vegetables. Period. If it’s not a salad green, radish, tomato or potato, it does not cross my lips. I only made one serving of the green beans, because while he tried to convince me otherwise, I knew the bambino wouldn’t eat them, and while Jay will, I don’t think they’re his favorite either.

Yes, 3 green beans on my plate is a big deal for me. I did eat them, and surprisingly, I did not hate them. I will admit I did have to quell the gag reflex with the first bite, but at least I made an effort, however small! The whole time I was cooking them, I kept thinking about going to my grandparents’ house for dinner when I was in college, and how my grandma Myra would tell me what a picky eater my mom was, and tease me about how I’d inherited that trait too. In my mom’s defense, though, I think she’d’ve eaten a normal serving of the green beans.

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