“That is Baldrick spring cleaning.”

I’ve been busy today. Got up around 7, made breakfast (sausage, scrambled eggs & hash browns), went to the store, then came home and got cracking on the cleaning I’ve been putting off for far too long. The bathroom floor was the worst–It took me a good 20 minutes just to sweep it before I was satisfied that it was then ready to mop. I’m SO glad that we don’t really do any entertaining on any regular basis…There is no way I’d’ve let anyone anywhere near my bathroom until today! Since I had yesterday afternoon off, my intention was to start on the laundry, and possibly finish it up today, but that didn’t happen. The only laundry I did today was the towels and bathroom rug. No matter. Even though we’re going to my in-laws’ tomorrow for Easter dinner, it’ll just be a regular Sunday, and I’ll get to work on laundry once we get home!

I got bread started once I was done cleaning & vacuuming, and once the bread machine was going, I sat down and watched the first three episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. A couple things struck me about it. First and foremost, one of the lunch cooks is a woman named Alice Gue, and Gue is my maiden name. It’s not exactly a huge deal, only because my family’s done enough research to know that some of our ancestors settled in Virginia/West Virginia, and it’s still apparently somewhat common of a name there. Still, Gue’s unusual enough of a name that I did excitedly run and tell Jay about it, then called Kendra and told her to tell our dad.

Another thing that struck me is that I’ve become somewhat of a food snob. I realize that’s a funny thing given that just last night, I was all proud of myself for having eaten 3 tiny green beans…But the fact that there are kids out there who don’t even know that tomatoes make ketchup, or that French fries come from potatoes speaks volumes about a lot of things wrong with our food system. I’m an adult. I know I eat like crap more often than I eat healthy and well (which is why I have that other boxed mix of brownies baking in my oven at this very second). But I do try and feed the bambino better than that. He happens to like bananas. I hate them. I buy them for him, I peel them for him, and when he shoves them in my face, I take a bite because he’s sharing with me something that he loves, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I bought the green beans, and to make the point that he should eat them too, I put those 3 on my plate and ate them. I do things like buy organic as much as I can, I cook at home more often than when we eat out, so I can control what my family eats. We’re even going to try our hand at gardening this year, in the hopes that we can eventually save by growing most of our own produce. But it’ll also be a learning lesson for the bambino. He can see exactly where food comes from, and (I’m hoping) he’ll be much more inclined to eat some carrots or lettuce from his own yard.

And much as I wanted to just order pizza or slap together sandwiches or something, I fixed dinner:

When I have more time or in between loads of laundry tomorrow, I’ll post the recipe. I have no idea who Nicole is, in case anyone’s wondering. The casserole was deliciously cheesy, between the mozzarella and the ricotta:

The bread I made was delicious as well, in spite of it being whole wheat-oat bread:

I’ll post the recipe for this as well, whenever I do the sausage & penne recipe. In the meantime, I think I’ll go stretch out in the living room. I should just go ahead and go to bed–I’m beat!

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2 Replies to ““That is Baldrick spring cleaning.””

  1. I really need to learn to make bread. I love bread with a passion and yours always look so darn good. What kind of bread maker do you have?

  2. Thanks Erin! I’ve got a Sunbeam bread maker…The best Christmas present Jay’s ever gotten for me! :)