“Fish cakes, fish cakes, eat them up, Yum!”

I got the recipe for the above fish cakes from Prevention magazine…Maybe it’s because I just dressed them with salt, pepper, and some lemon juice, but they were a little bland. I probably should’ve made one of the recommended dipping sauces to go with them or something. Jay ate 3 of them, and the bambino ate a whole one himself. I guess they weren’t too bad. Very messy to make, but just okay.

I have to decide what I’m going to make for dinner tomorrow night. My menu calls for soup & sandwiches:

But not surprisingly, I forgot to take out the ground beef that I would’ve used in the beefy tomato soup I’d intended on making. I’ll have to think up something in the meantime. I hate thawing stuff in the microwave. It never seems to thaw correctly. No matter. If nothing else, we have leftovers!

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4 Replies to ““Fish cakes, fish cakes, eat them up, Yum!””

    • I usually have a stack of magazines piled up, although I’m more likely to read any that have recipes in them!