“But I know I try…”

Yesterday, while it was incredibly windy (it’s SoDak–go figure), was really nice weather-wise. Jay & the bambino walked up to the bank to escort me home after work. I’d gone to lunch with Allison, so I knew it was nice enough to fire up the grill for dinner. I told Jay we could go pick something up, or we’d have baked polenta. We went to to the store.

I have some issues with BraVo’s here in Brookings, but I have to confess, I kind of like their food. I feel slightly conflicted whenever I eat there, but I really love their boneless buffalo wings. Yesterday, though, I was trying to be good, so I got their soup, salad & bread combo:

I always forget when I order to ask if they can leave off the onion, but it wasn’t a big deal. I just picked around them.

After our walk home, we popped up to the store, and picked up some burgers. Steaks would’ve been nicer, but we had buns to use up. As usual, the bambino had a hot dog:

I opted for naked burgers. I don’t mind cheeseburgers, but I much prefer them with a couple slices of bacon on them (I know, horribly unhealthy, but so delicious!), and since our bacon is still in the freezer, I just ate mine with a bit of ketchup. I also picked up a bag of fries, since I didn’t want to make Jay wait an hour for homemade ones. I once again doused those in some malt vinegar and some salt.

I need to go get the bambino up in a few, so we can go grocery shopping. Today’s going to be pretty busy–I have to work for a few hours this morning, then we’re heading down to Sioux Falls, to finally get Junior’s door handle fixed! No more crawling across the passenger’s seat to open the door! I chose a light breakfast, since I twisted Jimmy’s arm into bringing baked goods of some sort if I promised to bring coffee:

Actually, I wanted something in my stomach more to prevent me from going off-list while I’m shopping, as opposed to having room for donuts. There is always room for donuts, but I’d rather not over-spend at the store if I can help it.

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