“Most of us are quite pleased…”

Yesterday was jam-packed with running around all over the I-29 corridor. Okay, well, we went to Sioux Falls and came back, but I felt like I spent a majority of my day in the car. I got up at my regular time because I had to work yesterday morning, but I wanted to get the grocery shopping out of the way–I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be in the mood to get it done this morning. The bambino didn’t want to wake up when I asked him, so I went solo. I restocked on a bunch of things (chicken, yogurt, and the like), but I was excited that the salad stuff is finally looking decent-enough that I bought some greens:

Granted, you can’t really tell from that photo, but they looked good. And I’ve been craving salads lately, so I got some. Once winter’s done (and while I know it’s not unusual for SoDak to get snow in April & even May, I’m really hoping we’re done with winter for awhile), I like having a salad with dinner, since it helps me eat lighter in the evenings…And it’s about the only way I consume veggies on a regular basis!

Once I got done with work, I came home, got everyone ready, then headed down to Sioux Falls to get Junior a new door handle. When we were there 2 weeks ago, and they ordered me the part, they cautioned me that the handle wouldn’t match–It would be black. Junior’s dark green, and since I’ve been climbing across the passenger’s seat to open the door since September last year, I said I didn’t care & that that was fine. I just wanted it fixed. It’s fixed, but it really doesn’t match:

That’s not exactly black, is it? Ah, well. At least it works! Junior’s going on 11 years old, so I’m not all that concerned. I’d love to be able to afford another car, but if we’re going to have another baby sometime this year (and that does not mean I’m pregnant, so don’t get any ideas), we’re not really going to be able to afford daycare for 2 kids and another car payment.

Once Junior was done in the shop we hit the mall, because Evil Macy’s decided it was a good idea to give me a credit card 2 weeks ago, and Jay & I both are in desperate need of new clothes. Jay really needed new jeans, as did I…I’ve lost enough on Weight Watchers that the jeans I do have are either falling off (and I get tired of having to hike up my pants every 5 steps) or they’re just tight enough still to make wearing them uncomfortable. My mom’s given me a couple pairs, although when I wore a pair last week, Allison commented that I had droopy butt! Which is both a good and bad thing. I also needed some new shirts, because I realized on Friday that the fleece I’d worn for casual Friday made me look really sloppy, since it’s too big now. Another good and bad thing. I *ahem* also got myself a new purse, since I was a little disappointed with the Kate Spade bag I bought with my reimbursement money from my first round of Weight Watchers At-Work…It’s just too small, and with my new one, I can fit all my junk and then some in there! So if there’s anyone out there with a use for a fairly-new-barely-used Kate Spade messenger bag, let me know & I’ll cut you a deal!

The bambino decided at 4 this morning to crawl into bed with me, which was fine, especially once I realized Jay’d gone downstairs to sleep. This is yet another reason we never really need to eat fast food ever again. He got some chipotle cheese curds from Culver’s to munch while he waited on his frozen pizza (the bambino & I had kid’s meals). Let’s just say that they really did not agree with him, and he’s still feeling sick & queasy this morning. I’d planned on fixing my usual Sunday breakfast extravaganza of sausage, biscuits, hash browns & eggs. But when Jay said his stomach was still upset, I opted instead to make myself some steel-cut oats, because I really wanted to try some with the Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter I picked up at The Devil last night:

I first read about Dark Chocolate Dreams on Kath Eats, and she is correct in that it tastes just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I was rather shocked when I saw it here in Brookings, as I figured that maybe somewhere in Sioux Falls, I might be able to find it if I searched long/hard enough. But there it was on the top shelf of the peanut butter aisle, so I had to try it. It is scarily addictive, as I’ve already consumed about a quarter of the jar…I can & do eat regular peanut butter straight from the jar on occasion, so this is probably going to be one of those treats that I allow myself to buy once every couple months or so. I wasn’t able to finish all my oatmeal, because it was so filling, but it was delicious with my new favorite PB:

This photo reminds me of a no-bake cookie, but that’s my breakfast. And it was delicious. I stirred in my usual cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla, although I don’t think the vanilla was really necessary. I’m kind of curious to try this with my usual raspberries, since I’m kind of hoping the chocolate & fruit will taste even more dessert-like.

Today looks to be gorgeously sunny and I’m forcing us to go somewhere to soak up some sunshine once I get a load or two of laundry out of the way. It’s good for the bambino to play outside and get fresh air, and it does Jay & I a world of good too. Plus, it helps alleviate my SAD, which I hope is now coming to an end for a little while!

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    • I’ve eaten a lot more of it straight from the jar than I swirled in my oatmeal this morning. You’ll probably have an easier time finding it in Cinci–I swear it’s a fluke that it ended up in the Brookings Wally World!