It was a beautiful day today. I’m glad I made us venture outside for a bit, even if it didn’t have the effect on the bambino I intended (I was hoping that he’d run around and get worn out enough to take a nap. That didn’t happen.). The fresh air and sunshine was really nice though:

We stopped for some ice cream before we went to McCrory Gardens. Jay’d gotten some free kiddie cone coupons from work, so the bambino & I got a treat.

After we got back home, I finished up the laundry (which I had done before dinner time), then got to work on the evening meal–Hamburger Pie. The recipe was from one of my past Weight Watchers magazines, but I tweaked it, since I’m not using fat-free anything these days. The recipe calls for reduced-fat Bisquick, but after the biscuits I made with it awhile back, I think I might just throw the rest of the box out. I opted to make my own crust instead, and I’ll be damned if this didn’t end up being the lightest, flakiest, best pie crust I’ve ever made before!

Even with the changes I made (using eggs & egg whites instead of egg substitute, and regular-fat cheese, instead of low-fat, and the homemade crust), the servings still worked out to 5 points, like the original recipe. I think that was more because the original calculated 6 servings, and almost compulsively, I cut pies and pizzas into 8 pieces. I’ll post my version of the recipe soon.

I opened my baby greens as well…I didn’t bother fixing any sides, because I knew they wouldn’t be eaten by anyone but me, so I just made myself a simple salad:

I never add extra veggies, even though I know I should. But I like simple, and greens are simple. I got out my Drew’s salad dressing as well–I swear, this is the best Italian dressing I’ve ever had. I love love love it.

And for dessert, even though we have cheesecake that we bought Friday night, I had a couple spoonfuls of the Dark Chocolate Dreams. Sadly, I really don’t think I’m going to be able to keep that stuff on-hand…My jar is almost gone from all the snacking I did throughout today. It’s just too good!

To cap off the evening, I gave myself a pedicure:

And now that my nail polish is dry, I’m going to go pack my lunch, fix the coffee maker, and get myself to bed!

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2 Replies to “Wrap-up”

  1. I almost always give myself a pedicure on Sundays after all that food prep. It makes me feel pretty for the week.
    You should post the recipe for Hamburger Pie!

    • I shall post the recipe here in a just a couple minutes! I’m planning on doing a manicure later this evening…Once I decide on a color!