“We want cake! Where’s our cake?!”

Today was far less stressful than yesterday. Tax Day itself wasn’t bad, but I screwed up on one set of statements, that ended up putting me about an hour behind where I wanted to be. No matter. I got it all taken care of, and the majority of them are in the mail!

I woke up ravenous, and made myself some oatmeal. I’ve been using it as my excuse to have some of the Dark Chocolate Dreams, and I’ve been rather good about NOT eating the entire jar in one sitting. In fact, I think there’s 2/3 of it still left! We’re also doing a wellness version of Survivor at work for the next few weeks, and for eating at least 15 servings of fruit and 15 servings of vegetables each week, you get bonus points. So I’ve been using the oatmeal also as a way to get at least one serving of fruit:

I used regular quick oats this morning. Yesterday, when I made theĀ  same breakfast, the only change was that I used steel-cut oats (I got them going while I did my hair & makeup). I swear both meals tasted like chocolate milk with a hint of strawberry. It’s delicious!

Jay’s been on vacation for the past couple days, and today we went out to lunch together. I didn’t take pictures, because we just went to Quizno’s. Afterwards, we popped over to the bambino’s daycare for a cakewalk they were hosting (he was napping, so we didn’t get to see him, which was probably a good thing). Jay & I each won a prize! He got an apple pie, and I won this:

I chose to share mine with my department (and thus, avoid the temptation to eat the entire thing once I got home). It was yummy. Sprinkles brighten up any day!

For some reason, I was in the mood to eat out again for dinner, but Jay suggested instead that we just pop up to the store and get something to quickly whip up. I came across some sandwich steaks, then got the bright idea of getting some rolls and cheese to make, well, sandwiches. We were out of Worcestershire sauce, so I picked up some Lea & Perrins, which I was really disappointed in once I got it home:

What on earth is HFCS doing in Worcestershire sauce?! I really need to be better about reading labels when I go grocery shopping, and I should’ve just followed my first instinct, and gotten some Annie’s from the Hy-Vee Health Market. Ah, well. I paid almost $3 for the bottle, so I used it anyway:

They were a little larger than my ciabatta rolls, but that’s okay.

My mother-in-law is fond of getting the baguettes from this same company, which are delicious too. I love ciabatta, and I was really happy once Hy-Vee started carrying it.

After pan-frying the steaks & getting the ciabatta ready, I heated up the broiler, then assembled the sandwiches. For whatever reason, I felt the need for provolone, even though we already had mozzarella on-hand.

I don’t know what it is about golden, browned cheese, but I love it. I like pan-frying cheeseburgers, then scooping up all the crisp, almost-burnt bits of cheese from the pan. Weird, I know.

Because I’m lazy and didn’t want to bother with much else, I made some potato wedges to go with the sandwiches.

I wasn’t really thinking when I dished up my wedges, and because he got the 2 bigger sandwiches, Jay gave me a few more of his. I was pretty impressed that the bambino ate all of his steak, the 4 wedges I gave him, and half of his ciabatta roll. I told him that he didn’t have to clean his plate, but he was hungry enough that he kept eating. And that was fine. I suspect he’s going through a growth-spurt again. The last time he shot up overnight, he was requesting 2 scrambled eggs every morning for a week, then eating Second Breakfast once he got to daycare!

Once I finished, I polished off the rest of my Mud Pie. I’m full enough, not grossly in need of elastic-waist pants (although I will be putting on jammies here in a few minutes). I need to go and work on my grocery list so the bambino and I can get that out of the way tomorrow morning!

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  1. I bought some of that peanut butter today at Meijer. I would have already tried it but I filled up on a peanut butter cup chocolate malt. Yum.