” ‘Allo, Wanda…”

Jay was looking for something to watch this evening, and since we picked up A Fish Called Wanda a few weeks ago, but haven’t yet watched it, he popped that in, and he’s parked on the couch as I type this.

I’ve been busy today. I got up shortly before 7, finished the grocery list, then took the bambino grocery shopping. It was mainly a stock-up trip, because the only meat I ended up buying was a ribeye, and that will be used whenever I try my hand at making Straccetti di manzo con la rughetta. I didn’t find baby arugula at the store this morning, but I was informed that some changes are coming the produce department in the near future, and arugula will be one of the items carried more frequently.

Jay had some people coming over at noon for some game-playing, so after unloading the groceries and puttering around for a bit, the bambino and I went out to lunch. I said I was going to swear off fast food for awhile, but the bambino requested hot dogs, so we went to Culver’s. Then we did more puttering around and came back home. The gamers were still here, but I was wiped out. I started flipping through cookbooks, trying to come up with something for dinner. I came across a recipe for a quick meat sauce, in the Italian cookbook that one of my other moms, Shirley, gave me as part of the awesome wedding gift she put together for me (it was a basket filled with fun goodies–a couple pasta bowls I’d registered for, pasta, a cheese shaker, a fun tea towel, and a serving plate). But, since I didn’t have the ground beef or the ground pork, I went back to the store. That, and I was in dire need of something to wake me up, so I got more coffee.

And after I woke up a bit and the gamers left, I got to work on dinner:

Each package of meat was a pound each, so I ended up freezing half of each for future use. The sauce was easy enough that I do think I’ll make it again soon.

My timing worked out pretty well (I’ve always been a little hit & miss when it comes to making multiple things and having them all get done within just minutes of each other). I started browning the meat first:

Jay bought me a spice rack a couple years ago, and it was only this evening that I got around to opening the mint. I don’t like over-powering mint–partially because when I still worked as a teller, we started having Andes mints on the counter as a treat for the customers, and I ate way too many of them…I could never have another Andes mint as long as I live, and that would be fine with me, but it’s also because mints were one of the things that made my stomach churn when I was pregnant. Maybe it was the addition of the basil & the red pepper along with the mint, but when I first added it to the meat, it was heavenly! I stuck my face as close as I could get to the skillet and inhaled. It was beautiful.

It wasn’t quite the same once the tomatoes were added in, although that smelled delicious too:

The only thing I don’t care for whenever I make sauce is the cleanup afterwards. I thought the splatter screen would help, but it really didn’t. No matter.

The recipe didn’t say anything about the addition of cheese, but my usual thought is that everything is better with cheese:

And I thought 4 cheeses are better than just one! All in all, the meal was a success:

The bambino did his usual picking of the chunks of meat out and eating only those. I picked up another package of last night’s ciabatta, and made more to go along with the pasta. The bambino did his usual there as well, licking what little butter he could off the rolls. I forgot to take out more butter from the freezer, but I remembered that Jay’s sister had gotten him a set of spices & small dipping dishes–so I got those out so that he & I could eat our ciabatta without having to worry about butter. We got the bambino to try it, and he & I ended up sharing my dish of olive oil. It was cute. Since I had frozen custard at lunch, my dessert was a spoonful (okay, 2) of Dark Chocolate Dreams. And in about 20 more minutes, I think I’ll hit the hay. Tomorrow looks to be just as busy as today was!

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    • Thanks Allison! It made a TON of leftovers, so now I don’t have to worry about lunch for a couple days!