“In the lonely financial zone…”

I received a pleasant surprise when I got to work this morning: A Hazelnut latte and a card were waiting for me at my desk, in honor of Administrative Professionals Day. The card threw me off, because I immediately assumed the latte was from Allison. Nope. Hal, one of the Trust officers, was the bearer of gifts. The latte was most welcome, as I slept horribly last night, and tossed & turned from about 11 o’clock on.

I’ve been battling a sinus infection for the past few days, and it knocked me on my ass enough that I left work early yesterday and came home to rest. I’d hoped to get a nap in, but that didn’t happen. I’m feeling better today, but I don’t think I’m going to be fully healed for a couple more days.

I’m supposed to be training to walk a 5K in June, through the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge, but Monday morning was the only day this week that I went out walking.The training guide seems geared towards folks who don’t exercise on a regular basis, and even though I don’t exercise as frequently as I should, I can already walk for 45 minutes or more without any trouble. I’m going to try getting up and going outside tomorrow–The weekend’s supposed to be rainy, so if I do any exercise, I’ll just hop on my elliptical.

Because of the Survivor challenge at work, I’ve been making smoothies each morning, to get some of the 3 fruits in I’m supposed to eat each day:

That variety is Chobani, skim milk (organic), a tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams, a cup & a half of Cascadian Farm Harvest Berries, and topped with a quarter-cup of Bare Naked Vanilla Almond. When I made it yesterday, I had to force myself to eat it, just because I have no real appetite at the moment. I ate the whole thing okay this morning, although I still can’t taste anything.

I wasn’t up for cooking last night, so we had micro-food. I felt kind of bad about the fact that we all ate crap (Jay & I had buffalo popcorn chicken & microwave fries while the bambino had a kid’s TV dinner), but I was in no shape to cook anything that required anything other than reheating. Tonight, I made dinner (although I couldn’t smell or taste anything):

Greek-style Pork with Rice. I’ll post the recipe later, but it’s kind of a favorite of mine, even though I think this is the first time since we bought our house that I’ve made it here. It reminds me a bit of Cincinnati chili–Probably because of the cinnamon & oregano in it. I was kind of wishing we had something for dessert, but at the same time, it wouldn’t matter, since it wouldn’t taste like anything anyway! And I didn’t do so well at weigh-in this afternoon, so I just need to let well-enough alone for the rest of the night!

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4 Replies to ““In the lonely financial zone…””

  1. If you are still sick, you seriously need to consider a blazing curry. Like vindaloo blazing. Chilies, onions, llots of garlic & limes or lemon.

    I still have weird aches & pains, but I haven’t had a cold for an amazingly long time, since I’ve started to eat just a little more spicy foods & citrus.

    Hope you feel better!

  2. I couldn’t figure out what to do with that peanut butter – eating it out of the jar just felt weird after awhile. So I looked up a peanut butter cookie recipe and me & Josie tried it with the chocolate peanut butter – yum! Even better in cookies!

  3. Heck, I just had a spoonful of the stuff for dessert tonight! I’ve used it on toast (although I think I prefer regular peanut butter for that), and I like stirring it into my oatmeal. I’ve been debating on whether or not to try it in cookies, but since you recommend it, I think I’ll give that a try this weekend!