“Eat steak, eat steak, eat a big ol’ steer…”

With the exception of my hacking up a lung periodically, I’m feeling a LOT better. I’m still not sleeping as well as I’d like, because of the hack, but hopefully that’s on its way out.

I made my attempt at Straccetti di manzo con la rughetta this evening. I think the next time I make it, I’ll make sure that my prep work is more than just setting out everything and photographing it:

It’s a beautifully simple dish, and once I got the steak sliced, I was done in a matter of minutes.

I don’t think I used quite enough spinach, but that was deliberate on my part, only because the two men in my life are a little hesitant to eat whenever I throw together something that is semi-healthy, or not pork. If you visit Frank’s blog (I really want to go have dinner at this guy’s house some day), his picture is far superior to mine, but decent photo or not, the meal was delicious. And whether Jay & the bambino like it or not, I will be making this again!

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