It’s Baaack…

The Farmers Market opened today! The Grand Opening will be next weekend, which kind of sucks, because I have to work, but I noticed their hours are different than last year–8 till noon, instead of 9 till 1. It just means next weekend, I’ll have to get there shortly after 8 to get some goodies!

And today, I got goodies of the beef variety:

I realize it’s a little difficult in the photo to see, but there’s a good-sized chuck roast, 2 good-sized steaks, and a pound of ground beef, courtesy of the very nice ladies from Hegerfeld Premium Beef. I only caught one woman’s name, Megan, but she and the other woman were extremely nice. They had a special going on where if you spent $10 or more, you got a pound of ground beef free. The chuck roast was just over that, so I got the ground beef, and then I opted to try the new cut of the steaks as well. Considering I got this stuff straight from the source, I kind of feel like I made out like a bandit by only spending $16! And while I like my Hy-Vee & know the manager of the meat department, this stuff will taste a lot better than what I’d get in the store. Hopefully the wind will die down this week (I’ve already seen part of a tree knocked over around the corner from us), so we can fire up the grill again and give those steaks a try. I did also tell the women that we’d let them know what we thought next week, if we got around to trying them.

We’ve gotten most of our errands out of the way already, which is nice. I even got my yearly poppy:

I’ll be leaving shortly to head down to Madison for the afternoon, for my friend Abby’s baby shower. It should be fun. There’s quite a few people at work either having had or about to have babies. Our daycare is a little jam-packed right now, and there’s quite the waiting list, from what I hear. I’m rather glad that at least for right now, we don’t have to worry about that!

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