Sunday Evening Wrap-Up

I figured I’d whip out a post while my last load of laundry is in the dryer. This has been one of my busier weekends, and when I ran into her in the store yesterday morning, I told Allison that I’m almost looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, just to rest!

In trying to come up with some idea for breakfast, I decided I wanted some sort of coffee cake-type thing. We also bumped into my in-laws at the grocery store, who informed us that they were doing roast beef, and roast pork for Sunday dinner. I figured a big country-style breakfast wouldn’t really be a good idea (that, and I don’t have any breakfast meat right now anyway). I came across a recipe for a Scandinavian Almond Puff on the Land O’Lakes website. I had everything on-hand, and since Jay is about 75% Norwegian, I figured he’d appreciate the nod to his homeland. I ran out of all-purpose flour yesterday when making my pizza crusts, so I used white whole wheat flour instead, and while it turned out a little “browner” than it would’ve with unbleached flour, it was still good.

And the recipe also calls for sliced almonds, but I only had slivered. No matter. I might try making it again next weekend, so we’ll see if there are any differences.

A few weeks ago when I was grocery shopping, I happened to pop down the regular pasta aisle for some reason (I usually do the bulk of my grocery shopping along the perimeter of Hy-Vee, as I hit the produce section, then head off to the Health Market area, which is on the other side of the store), and came across Tubetti for the first time (I’ve requested them to start carrying Ditalini, but maybe this was their compromise or something). Even though I had a a box & a half of Ditalini at home already, I picked up a box of Tubetti, just so I could make Tubetti cacio e uova again (and I still want Frank to cook dinner for me at some point in my lifetime).

And, naturally, I got bread, just because I am a carb junkie. I really like the PannĂ© Provincio breads, when I’m too lazy to make my own bread. They have a roasted garlic batard that is to die for! I am slightly amused by the fact that if you go to their store locator, supposedly their products aren’t available in SoDak…And yet, they’re sold in Brookings!

I thought the bread went well-enough with the Tubetti, although that (a slice of bread) was all the bambino ended up eating.

Between the serving he didn’t eat, and what I couldn’t finish, I have enough for a lunch portion for tomorrow. And I’ll be taking a slice of bread with me!

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