“Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before…”

I don’t know what made me just think this, but I need some Smiths or Morrissey in my iTunes library. All my old stuff is on cassette or vinyl (yes, I am that old).

We had a few errands to run after work, and rather than get fast food, I opted to get stuff at the store. The bambino requested pizza so we obliged. The deli also had garlic cheese bread and breadsticks, and since he hadn’t eaten all day, Jay wanted an appetizer. We opted for cheese bread:

The pizza was a thin-crust, and because the instructions were covered up with the price tag, I don’t think I cooked it well-enough. It was still decent, though.

I only had a piece & a half, because cutting through the ice cream aisle, I came across this:

I first read about this on Graze With Me, and figured it would be a cold day in Hell before it would show up in Brookings. I was so surprised to see it that I yelped right there in the store. And yeah, it’s half gone already, but I did share it with Jay. I also picked up the Tahitian Vanilla Bean although we haven’t opened that one yet. And while normally it would take all my willpower to keep from finishing that container, I had a lackluster weigh-in this afternoon. I didn’t gain anything, but I didn’t lose anything either. Boo.

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4 Replies to ““Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before…””

  1. Belgian Chocolate Gelato in BROOKINGS? I am so going to check this out next time I’m shopping.

    OK this is why I suck at Weight Watchers.

    • Tell me about it…I don’t even care that the two pints cost me $10. It is worth it. At least the chocolate is. I’ll test the vanilla later tonight. They’ve also got a dark chocolate flavor AND a blood orange one that I’m dying to try! I have a feeling next week’s not going to be so hot either….

  2. that’s good that you chose getting stuff at the store versus fast food! you picked some great options. i’ve actually been making a lot of garlic-cheese bread at home for dinner, so i think im gonna do a post about that soon!

    • Krissy–I would love to see your take on garlic cheese bread…I’m sure it’s not too difficult, and homemade ALWAYS tastes better!