“The sky was all purple, there were people runnin’ everywhere…”

Weather-wise, this afternoon has been a little strange. There’s a cold front moving in, which means stronger-than-normal winds, but it’s also brought rain (with the potential of flurries overnight and potential frost the next two nights). The rain’s been sporadic and there’s been sunshine on occasion. I snapped another picture of our blooming tree (whatever kind it is) during one of the periods of sun:

It reminds more of fall and a winter storm moving in than a spring storm. Welcome to May in South Dakota. I was telling a coworker yesterday morning that almost every year, I ask myself why I moved out here!

It’s really not so bad, and it’s kind of nice laughing at the folks back home whenever there’s 2+ inches of snow, and they freak out when the temp drops below 10 degrees.

This was my afternoon off, since I’ll be venturing in tomorrow for a couple hours. I puttered around for awhile, looking up stuff on iTunes. When I was a freshman in high school, I was into stuff like Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, Electronic & Moev. I searched for Moev awhile back on iTunes, but didn’t find them–I have 2 of their albums on cassette, that I listened to over & over & over again, in my goofy teen-angst-ness. This afternoon, I discovered iTunes now has Moev, so I had to download one of their albums, then promptly burn myself a copy to listen to in the car when I went to pick up Jay from work.

And then after we picked up the bambino, we popped out to the grocery store. It amazes me that I spent over $100, and I didn’t buy any meat, save some chicken tenders:

I had a couple other items that wouldn’t fit into the picture–Olive oil, more of the bread dipping spices, yogurt for Jay. And I still need to get beef at the farmers market tomorrow. Oh well. Outside of my Mother’s Day meal down in Sioux Falls, I don’t think we’ll be eating out for awhile. I indulged my craving for junk this afternoon, and got myself a Happy Meal from Mickey Dee’s. I won’t be doing that again. Everything tasted like paste. And having once worked there, I saw plenty of people who would come through every single day, and watch as they got puffier and more & more bloated as time went by. Ugh.

But I was still craving junk food, so I did homemade. That chicken in the above picture became this:

The only thing that I sometimes don’t like about making my homemade junk food is the mess I often create:

That’s only part of it–There was a lot of flour everywhere, as well as buttermilk drips. But it was worth it:

Crispy, crunchy deliciousness. Which was then tossed in buffalo wing sauce:

I also came across a recipe for Iceberg Slaw in one of my Everyday Food mags. It was simple, but I’m not going to really discuss it any further, since I was not over impressed with it. I thought about having more gelato once dinner was finished, but between the cookies I got from Mickey Dee’s and the Caramel Macchiato I drank while grocery shopping, I think I’ve had enough sugar for today!

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2 Replies to ““The sky was all purple, there were people runnin’ everywhere…””

  1. I was cooking chicken for dinner the other day and plannning to put it in a wrap but felt it was a bit boring. I thought what would Rachel do – and I threw some buffalo sauce in. Delicious! Joe loved it.

    • When in doubt, slap some buffalo sauce on it! It (along with cheese and chocolate) makes everything better! :)