“I like big buns and I cannot lie…”

Today’s been far more pleasant than I expected, both weather-wise, as well as in general. I did have to work this morning, which was alright. I got a few things done, and Hal kindly brought the coffee, since I’d brought some earlier in the week. I went to the farmers market twice this morning–The folks from Hegerfeld Premium Beef weren’t there! I felt a little silly walking around for a minute, then leaving. Luckily, though, there was someone selling on behalf of Cliff, from whom I’ve bought beef before. So I went back right before I was supposed to be at work and bought some ground beef, and a couple round steaks, then dashed off to work & stashed my meat in the breakroom freezer. A couple “Where’s the Beef?” jokes were exchanged between Hal & I, because sometimes we’re funny. This morning was not one of those times.

And after I got home, I started thinking about what I wanted to do with the meat, and coming up with menu ideas, and I thought burgers would be good. Since I spent a bit more than I wanted to at the store yesterday, I opted to make my own buns. Like I do with my bread, I let the bread machine do the bulk of the work for me. I was rather impressed with myself, though, that they looked halfway decent:

And even after they came out of the oven, I was still impressed with myself:

That picture’s a little dark, I realize. I have ultra-crappy lighting in my kitchen, which I hate, because I spend an awful lot of time in there! While the dough was in the bread machine, Jay decided to go dig up more of what will be our garden. I took the bambino out for a little while once it became obvious he wasn’t going to nap for awhile.

I did kind of chuckle when I looked at the one plot there on the right–Jay & I both agreed (although I was the one who said it out loud) that it’s coffin-shaped. It is a work in progress, and the spaces there where there’s still grass are being left for the time being, because we’re planning on having a walkway through the garden, lest we trample our veg. In between chasing around the bambino, I took a long look at the tree and our lilac bushes (which are smelling WONDERFUL right now):

Jay made the comment that at least for the time being, that tree actually looks rather pretty, instead of its usual scraggly self.

I’m still thinking of cutting some of the lilacs just to have them inside. I’m hoping that maybe they’ll open up even more sometime soon.

The bambino is hugely into dinosaurs these days, and yesterday watched the movie Dinosaur. While we were outside, he kept reenacting the scene where the meteor hits the earth and the dinosaurs have to run away and escape. He’s still reenacting it at this moment!

After taking care of some errands, I got to work on dinner:

Ah, if only I’d had some bacon to go with! But I’m sure my arteries are clogged enough.

And in case anyone is wondering or cares, no I did not eat both the burgers. They’re on the small side, but they were filling, so I ate one, and a few bites from the other. And then I polished off some gelato! And on that note, I need to get the sheets out of the dryer and get them back on the bed before Jay decides he’s ready for sleep!

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6 Replies to ““I like big buns and I cannot lie…””

  1. Your buns look fabulous! I wanna make homemade buns…still haven’t done that. Keep saying I will, but haven’t yet. Love your blog post title too.

    • Thank you! I was pretty impressed & excited about them myself, and found it a compliment when my husband told me that if I hadn’t been going on about them all day, he never would’ve known that they didn’t come from the store! I will say they were surprisingly easy–I used my bread machine for the dough & did the shaping & second rising myself. And they took less than 20 minutes to bake.

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