“Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory…”

I have been crabby with a Capital C this week, and I suspect the biggest reason is the lack of sunshine. Had I been better prepared, I would’ve started taking my vitamin D on Sunday. Supposedly, the sun will come out on Friday. We’ll see.

Because of my funk and because of other things getting in the way, I haven’t cooked anything since Saturday. Sunday, Jay & the bambino took me out to Texas Roadhouse for Mother’s Day, where I ate WAAY too much. Monday night, I was in such a bad mood and just feeling sorry for myself, that despite my last post swearing it off forever, I went to McDonald’s, and practiced the fine art of emotional eating. Ridiculous. And it came back to bite me today, as I gained over 2 lbs. at weigh-in. Joy.

Because last night was a baby shower for a woman who not only lives across the street from me, but is also the person I credit with finding the house that Jay & I eventually bought (even though she didn’t know me from Adam at the time!), I got pizza for Jay & the bambino while I ate at the shower. Something that after 5 1/2 years of living in South Dakota which still baffles me is the fact that out here, Sloppy Joes are not referred to as Sloppy Joes. They’re called “barbecues.” And I have yet to determine why. Not that it matters to me all that much, because I can’t stand the things, and only eat them under duress or to be polite, but I find it odd.

For whatever reason, once I got home, I decided to continue my 48-hour binge and eat a couple pieces of pizza, as well as a few breadsticks. All the day before weigh-in. Real smart, Rachel.

And because I now have 6 weeks to lose 7+ lbs., in order to get my reimbursement back from the bank, I opted to make some beef & noodles for dinner, instead of chicken-fried steak. I wanted comfort food, because of the dreary weather, and the beef & noodles is a little lower in fat.

I did have a salad as well while the beef was cooking, but I didn’t take a picture of it. Salad is salad.

I opted to skip dessert this evening, just because I think I’ve done enough damage to myself for one week, but I wanted something to cap off dinner, so I made myself some decaf:

Sometimes I loathe my flash, because that mug is actually dark green. No matter.

I think I need to plan out a bunch of healthy options for the next few meals. I guess I’ll be going back to smoothies for breakfast (minus all the PB and granola), and I’m going to have to get serious about tracking and staying within my points. I really only need to lose 11 lbs. (well, now it’s 13) to get to my goal weight. And I’ve got about 6 weeks to do it.

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5 Replies to ““Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory…””

  1. Hi, Rachel. I found your post particularly intriguing because of the “barbeque” reference (“sloppy joes”, where I grew up but “loose meat” in Iowa and possibly other places). Maybe you just need to try a good version – and I was thinking about posting about “SophistoJoes” from the late, great “Gourmet” a few years back…they call for red wine, garlic, and chili powder, for instance, and have a complex flavour.

    I also enjoyed learning the term “SoDak” and, presumably, there’s a “NoDak” counterpart (and I only knew “NoCal/SoCal” and “Soho”). While SAD might respond to Vit D or those lights, I suspect lingonberries would be effective, too.


    • I probably do need to try a good version of sloppy joes–My husband swears up & down that I’d like the ones his coworker’s wife makes, but I have yet to try those.

      There is a NoDak, and a bit of a rivalry between NoDak & SoDak. I’ve actually been offered one of those light boxes by my mother-in-law, but I’ve turned her down. I’d rather try the lingonberries!

    • I actually did see the sun for about 5 minutes this afternoon, and supposedly there will be more tomorrow.