“Those are good burgers, Walter.”

I find it slightly amusing that I go for a few days without posting anything, and I opt for making burgers again tonight. I had ground beef I needed to use:

I like the organic beef, but it’s REALLY expensive. $5.99/12 oz. When I bought grassfed beef last time at the farmers market, I got a full pound for $4.50. I missed the market this weekend, as I had to volunteer at the Brookings Marathon. Every year, the bank sponsors Mile 16, so they’re always calling for volunteers to work the aid station, direct runners or direct traffic. This year, I directed runners. The last time I did it, I was having to sort of direct traffic at the entrance to the soccer fields, and that was NO fun at all. Mainly because no one pays attention to you. It was actually kind of fun this year–And I had no idea that my WW meeting leader was running, until she breezed by me telling me I should be running with her. Ha! I don’t run.

After I was done, I came home to find Jay & the bambino outside–Jay was working in the garden, and the bambino had pulled his wagon out of the garage and was trotting through the yard. Jay really wanted to go to Sioux Falls, so once he got cleaned up, we headed down. Poor Jay didn’t get anything, but I got some restocks on Bath & Body Works stuff and a new coffee to try out:

I’m rather excited about giving it a try tomorrow morning. I’m also planning on going to the grocery store tomorrow morning, although it’s going to be a rather small trip. I’m going to wait until next week before doing a big stock-up trip again.

I realize this is a rather lack-luster post. I’ve got a lot on my agenda for tomorrow–The grocery shopping, laundry, making the menu for next week, bread-baking–I think I’m going to try my hand at French bread this time. And as I got my latest issue of Everyday Food in this afternoon’s mail, I’m off to go get inspired for next week!

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