“Sometimes it snows, but when it does, it doesn’t last long…”

No, we didn’t get any snow or anything overnight. It’s not unusual this time of year in SoDak, but I’m still thinking that we saw the last of it back in April. Maybe even March. I honestly don’t remember the last time it snowed.

I’ve gotten the grocery shopping done–Didn’t buy a lot at all. Some greens, pasta (orzo), milk, yogurt, frozen fruit, and a couple other staples to get us through the rest of the week. I had to search for my Dr. Kracker snacks, though. They moved the display on me, and just when I was ready to buy the flatbreads instead, I found them. Yea! The Pumpkin Seed Cheddar is my favorite.

I should probably go sort some laundry and get that started, so by the time dinner’s ready, I can be done with it. I don’t know that I’m going to get around to the French bread today, although if I let the bread machine prep the dough for me, I can get other stuff done in the meantime. While I was working on my grocery list (Jay & the bambino were still asleep), I was also reading through blogs, and still looking for recipes for stuff. I came across a very delicious-looking Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cake on The English Kitchen that luckily, I only needed chocolate chips and walnuts in order to make! So in a little while, I’ll get to work on that. It’ll be nice to have a sweet treat to toss in my lunch box this week–Assuming that it makes it to the end of the week! I find that whenever there are homemade sweets in the house, Jay often will much on them during the hour in between when he gets home from work and when I get home!

After doing some much-needed kitchen clean-up, I got to work on breakfast.

When we came home from the store, the bambino & I found Jay in the backyard, digging up the rest of the garden area. I went a little light on food…Buttermilk biscuits, hash browns & scrambled eggs. I was rather pleased when I realized that with the exception of the biscuits (I have never seen organic buttermilk, and wonder if there is even such a thing–I should check Organic Valley’s website to see, and I used regular vegetable shortening), everything else was organic. Organic eggs, organic milk used to lighten the eggs a bit, organic butter, organic hash browns (thank you, Cascadian Farm), and organic flour in the biscuits.

It’ll be enough to tide us all over until I get that Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cake made! I’m thinking that I’ll go work on that laundry now, and maybe even go tackle the yard…It is in desperate need of mowing!

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