“From the past until completion…”

Today was incredibly long…Mainly because we had some computer issues for most of the morning, so all the work I had to, I couldn’t. It’ll make tomorrow more interesting, at least.

I’m bound & determined that I will get my money back from the bank and I will lose my remaining weight, so I fixed a light meal for dinner. Salad–And by gods if I didn’t get Jay to eat a salad too! I was shocked when he said yes when I asked if he wanted one. I used a recipe from the June issue of Everyday Food–Grilled Chicken with Oregano & Lemon. It was delicious.

The side dish was orzo with toasted almonds, lemon juice & oregano. I also sliced up some of my French bread, which wasn’t really even necessary with the pasta, but I knew the bambino would eat it.

I couldn’t finish either portion of my chicken or pasta, and only ate one slice of bread. I did manage to have a small slice of Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cake for dessert, though.

And since there were plenty of leftovers, I have lunch for the next 2 days, which is nice. I think I’ll go and pack up my lunchbox, get the coffee maker ready, then hit the hay! I’m thinking I might want to go for a walk outdoors tomorrow morning, since the weather’s supposed to be nice for the rest of the week.

2 thoughts on ““From the past until completion…”

  1. Hi, Rachel. It's looks like you've been a busy bee, what with all the posts, not to mention the Brookings Marathon! I will try that oatmeal-chocolate chip cake, which sounds very tempting, but now I might rethink the Avgolemono Soup I was going to make tomorrow, in favour of the chicken with lemon - though I'm not sure yet. Thanks for the recipes, Dan
    • Hi Dan, Yes, it turned out to be one of my busier weekends, but sometimes I prefer that. I highly recommend the chocolate chip cake...I gave a slice to my friend, who proclaimed it the best ever! Avgolemono sounds delicious...I might have to make that in the near future myself--I've still got plenty of orzo to use up! :)

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