“So when the dust has settled…”

Cripes, I’ve been busy! The last time I posted (or actually cooked anything) was Monday, and that seems like eons ago. I don’t remember what all went on Tuesday, other than me watching the second-to-last episode of The Biggest Loser. Wednesday was a lot of errand-running, since Thursday evening was a joint-work-baby-shower for Abby & Danielle. And I stopped by the farmers market Wednesday before changing clothes & running all those errands. I’m glad I did, as the folks from Hegerfeld were back! And I stocked up:

They were still running the special where every $10 gets you a free pound of ground beef, and since I spent $24, I opted for a pack of burgers as well as the regular ground beef (I was pretty thrilled, since I thought the special was just, spend $10, get the free beef–I didn’t realize it was for every $10 you spent. Or maybe they just liked the fact that I’m a repeat customer, and were being nice!). I’ll fix the burgers for tomorrow’s dinner.

By Friday, we were all so wiped out, that I wimped out and just ordered pizza. All 3 of us are fighting sinus infections (again), and yesterday was the worst of it. While we waited on the pizza to show up, we ventured outside to look at our garden’s progress:

I think those are mostly greens that have popped up–I didn’t get close enough to the markers Jay has in there to check out what’s what. I’m thinking tomorrow, I’ll plant my tomatoes, although I do still need to get some tomato cages. Jay watered a bunch of stuff, and even let the bambino have a turn:

And then of course, he wanted to play with the hose:

He got a bath promptly after we went back inside.

I’ve been up since 3 this morning (probably because of the non-drowsy sinus medicine I’ve been popping), and finally at 5, I decided to actually get myself out of bed and get moving. My dad will be coming to visit on Tuesday, and I’m working on getting the house cleaned up. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical, and was all set to get the bambino up and head out to the grocery store when a nasty thunderstorm moved in. It ended up not being as bad as it looked on the radar, but I waited about 90 minutes for it to pass before we left. I didn’t get too much, as my dad hinted that we’d probably head back over there once he arrives, but even with stocking up on a few things, I still spent my usual $80.

And when I got home, Jay popped over to his mom & dad’s to try and get their wireless internet up and running (which didn’t exactly work). While he was gone, I got to work cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. I was chatting with a co-worker on Friday, and when I informed him of my weekend plans, he told me I needed to find something else to do! I think he was right, although I got a LOT more done than I anticipated. For a couple years, my desk has been The Pit of Despair.

And actually, it looked a lot worse before I took this picture. I got it all cleaned off, and except for my keyboard, got rid of about 2 years’ worth of dust:

And then I rearranged what was left:

I figure it’ll remain clean like this until my dad leaves…Then I’ll probably start piling stuff up again!

My mother-in-law is a very sweet and kind woman. When Jay came home from the wireless debacle, he handed me a check from his mom. Because of all the cleaning and whatnot I’m doing in preparation for my dad’s visit, she didn’t want me to have to cook tonight too, so she treated us to some George’s. And after all I did today, that was a most welcome surprise! We even went out to the restaurant (something we haven’t done since our Valentine’s Day fiasco!)!

We got some cheeseballs for our appetizer, which were delish…There’s just something about fried cheese that I find irresistible.

And yes, I did eat more than 2. Probably 7 or 8 altogether. And I got myself a Philly pita melt–That was the first thing I ever ate at George’s, back in 2004, when I met Jay for the first time. I got a little burned out on them after I moved here, because that really is how much we order from George’s (and even as bad as it is now, it was SO much worse when we lived downtown, and during my last trimester, right before we moved into our house, I’d waddle down the block a couple times a week!). Every so often, though, they sound good again:

And normally, they come with peppers & onions, but I don’t like either, so I just get plain ol’ meat and cheese. Which is just fine on its own!

I have much more to do tomorrow–The living room still needs cleaned, the vacuuming needs to be done, and I have the usual laundry and whatever cooking projects I feel the need to take on (although I have a feeling that between breakfast & the burgers, that’s going to be the extent of anything). And because I’ve finally sat down for more than 10 minutes (with the exception of dinner), the exhaustion has hit me, and I think I need to get myself to bed!

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6 Replies to ““So when the dust has settled…””

  1. Rachel, I am just exhausted reading about your life in Brookings! But I am very jealous about the free ground beef deal….Dan

    • I admit, the free ground beef is a pretty sweet deal, and I hope they run it for awhile. I will say, I’m feeling well-rested this morning, and ready to tackle all today’s work! :)

  2. OMGosh! My desk has definitely looked like that many of times! But doesn’t it feel so great once its all cleaned up? Usually my desk only take a day or two to turn into a disaster again. and you know its always the junk mail! ugh! Nice job cleaning up!

    • Alica, You’re completely right–It WAS a lot of junk mail I’d had piled up, or old bills that I hadn’t gotten around to shredding yet! I’m doing okay so far…3 days, and it’s still cleaned off. I’ll give myself about another week until I start piling junk up again!

  3. Would you compare George’s to anything in Cincy? Just curious. Your post is making me hungry.

    • That’s a good question…Probably the closest thing I could think of might be No Anchovies, and I have no idea if they’re even still around!