“I am woman, hear me roar…”

I make no secret about the fact that I am NOT an outdoors kind of gal. I don’t like extremes in temperature, I only feel the need for fresh air on occasions, and I much prefer it in the form of a nice breeze passing through my open windows. I’m not big on yardwork, which is one reason I tried talking Jay into buying a condo, instead of a house, where we’d be responsible for all that stuff. But when your lawn starts looking like this:

and this:

and you’re on vacation, it’s probably time to do something about it. So I did. I mowed. And what should’ve only taken me about an hour, maybe an hour & a half, turned into an all-morning project. First, the mower ran out of gas. And I had to go and fill up the gas can, because it was empty. And for whatever reason (it was a nice-enough morning out, I guess), I opted to walk to the gas station. So then I came back & got to work. I had to refill the tank once, and it took longer than I anticipated, both because the lawn was a little on the long side, and because the grass was still pretty damp. But I got it done:

Okay, so I could’ve cleaned up the grass clippings and swept the sidewalks & driveway, but I was exhausted. And starving. By the time I got done, then got cleaned up, it was after 12:30. We ended up going to Nick’s for lunch, which was good as usual. Then we came home, and I basically crashed.

After Jay got home from work, I popped out to the grocery store. I’d planned on making spaghetti with meat sauce, but the ground beef wasn’t thawed yet. So I picked up chicken, and at the last minute, decided (even as hot as it was out) that chicken parmigiana sounded good:

And it was. Even my dad, who was still full from his 3 Nick-burgers, cleaned his plate. As usual, the bambino didn’t eat anything other than his bread & olive oil, but that’s okay. Jay will take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and my dad & I will probably have them for our lunch as well.

And right now, my first-ever cheesecake is in the oven (thank you Melissa!). Jay & my dad were a little disappointed when I told them it wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow, but if the batter is any indication (after all, ’tis a poor cook who won’t taste her own food), it will be delicious! And it’s my first-ever use of one of my two springform pans (I really don’t know why they’ve intimidated me for so long), so I’m a little proud of my conquest.

It’s late enough that I think I’ll quick wash up some dishes, fix the coffeemaker, and get myself to bed. Or maybe I’ll just fix the coffeemaker and get myself to bed. I’m still exhausted!

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2 Replies to ““I am woman, hear me roar…””

  1. Hurray for trying the springform pan! They are fabulous. Kind of like my cheesecake. Feel free to share. Cream cheese makes the world a better place. Hope you and your family enjoy!

    And I tried the gelato at Hyvee (on sale this week) per your recommendation. Only wish I could get raspberry or another fruit gelato. Can Americans only handle gelato in nonfruit varieties? Must fruit forever be regulated to sorbets in this country?!? And that’s my rant.

    • I’ll have pictures later, but I have to say, it already looks delightful (and I really love the leaving it in the oven overnight). It’s in the fridge cooling at the moment (and torturing my dad because I keep telling him he has to wait before he can have any of it), and really, I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to hold off on digging into it myself!

      I don’t think Americans really know what gelato is, outside of “fancy ice cream.” The next time you’re in Sioux Falls, check out Nucci’s (if you haven’t been there already). They’ve got Italian ices & gelatos and I figure that since the place is run by a tiny old Italian lady, it’s gotta be somewhat authentic! You might find an actual fruit gelato there, as opposed to just sorbetto.