“We want cheesecake! Where’s our cheesecake?!”

Today turned out MUCH better than yesterday, probably because I didn’t have to do any yard work at all. In fact, the most strenuous thing I’ve done all day has been to unload the dishwasher! And that was after taking this lovely out of the oven:

I really REALLY wish I had better lighting in my kitchen…With as much time as I spend in there, it doesn’t exactly photograph all that well. No matter. The window over the sink allows me to watch the sunsets while I’m doing the dishes. It’s okay, I guess.

After getting ready for the day and hitting the bank, we headed off to Sioux Falls for a bit of shopping and some lunch. It was a quick trip but a fun trip. And once Jay got home, we popped downtown to have some George’s (I told you we eat there a lot).

Oh, the things you come across sometimes! We all had pizza this time around, although I didn’t photograph anything (the bambino was just a little too wild).

And once we got home, I could resist no longer.

My first-ever from scratch cheesecake! Everyone else was too full to have any (even though my dad’s been hounding me for a piece ever since last night), and even though I really need elastic-waist pants right now, I had a slice anyway.

Ah, it was heaven! I posted the recipe, although as I was typing it up this morning, I realized I made the cheesecake incorrectly. If you notice, the recipe calls for 4 8-oz. packages of cream cheese. I only used 2 packages. Oops! Even still, it’s cheesecake, and it is delicious. It does make me wonder just how much of a difference there is, and I suppose I’ll find out when I make it again on Monday!

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2 Replies to ““We want cheesecake! Where’s our cheesecake?!””

  1. OMG your cheesecake looks amazing. What nice clean cut, my cheesecake always tastes amazing but never looks this good when i cut it.