“Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur…”

Today was another fun day with Papa…Today we ventured north to Watertown, to go see some dinosaur bones at an exhibit the Goss Opera House was hosting.

I should’ve taken a couple pictures of the exterior, because their website makes it look a lot nicer than it really is in person. No matter. We weren’t there to look at the outside of the building.

While the exhibit wasn’t exactly as large as I was expecting (I was thinking more along the lines of a Rodin exhibit we went to see in Sioux Falls last year when Papa & my sister Kendra were here), I was pleased that there were dinosaurs that the bambino knew and had read about in his many dinosaur books.

Had it not been lunchtime by the time we were finished with the exhibit, I would’ve liked to have maybe had some coffee & a dessert at the coffeeshop there in the lobby. The gift store/bookstore looked pretty neat too. It’s only an hour away–It’s not like we can’t go back!

Have you figured out yet that I have a weird fondness for large things? On one of my first drives out here, I made it a point to stop in Blue Earth, Minnesota, just for the sole purpose of photographing the Green Giant.

Before we left, Jay did some tending to our various garden stuff outside, and we noticed that one of the sunflowers is getting ready to bloom:

I’m hoping that in the next day or two, it’ll open completely. Jay got them specifically for me, because they’re my favorite flower.

And while we were out, I had a pork arm roast bubbling away in the crock pot. It’s hot as Hades out today (although we’re supposed to get some severe weather this evening, and a cold front is supposed to push through overnight), and I wasn’t in the mood to turn on the oven or anything like that, and since we ate out for lunch, I didn’t really want to eat out again. Jay (who loves pork as much as Homer Simpson does), was thrilled.

Of the 8 sandwiches I made, there was only one left by the time everyone got done. We just had some chips on the side, and more of the cheesecake for dessert. I’ve got my grocery list all set to go for tomorrow, so hopefully I get up and actually GO at a decent time!

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