“Gardening at night…”

It’s only 4 o’clock, and I think I’m about ready for bed. The bambino was up a couple times early this morning, so I ended up sleeping in till 8 (that’s really late for me). Then I popped out to the store, since my dad wanted donuts with breakfast, and when I came back, I started cooking. On my way out the door, I checked on my sunflower again:

They’re a dwarf variety, but still pretty. And it looks like another one might open in the next day or two. Yea!

After breakfast & a movie for the bambino, we popped out to run some errands. We needed another bag of soil for the garden, as well as the regular groceries. And after we got home & the bambino zonked out, Jay & I got to work in the garden…I held off as long as I could with planting my tomatoes, but today is perfect for doing some outdoor work.

While I worked on turning over my soil & incorporating the organic stuff into the ground, Jay did some weeding on the other side.

I tell ya, I don’t think I could’ve/would’ve lasted very long back in the day. Just the little bit of digging & planting I did this afternoon was enough to wear me out! But it was also kind of fun…Jay read somewhere that doing all this stuff can help you “bond” better with your plants. That made me chuckle–I don’t plan on wandering through out back, “talking” to my plants! I was pleased, though, when I got it all done:

Now, hopefully, they’ll survive the transplanting process, and sometime in August, we’ll be eating Caprese salads and tomato soup & putting salsa on everything until we’re sick of it all!

And we’ll have lots of other stuff to eat too:

Lots of greens, although I think probably tomorrow, a lot of those should be weeded out. Like the other lettuces we (Jay) planted:

And the radishes:

I’m thinking that for next year, if we have a successful enough harvest this year, I want to redo the layout, and widen the plots a bit, so we have a little more room for stuff.

Like our carrots:

Not that I really like carrots, but they are aromatics, and I use them in some of the soups I make. Jay and the bambino like them, though. With the exception of the radishes, we tried to plant things that at least 2 of the 3 of us will eat (I’m the only one who likes radishes). And I’ve got zucchini that I’ve still got to plant (I’m the only one who really likes that too). That can be done tomorrow!

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