“On [Saturdays] I go shopping & have buttered scones for tea…”

It’s really soggy today–I was supposed to walk the Weight Watchers 5K this morning, but we all had a rough night last night, and I didn’t feel like dragging myself or the fam out for a long walk when we’re all just exhausted. Well, Jay & I are. The bambino’s bouncing off the wall like he normally does. Oh, to have the boundless energy of a toddler, if just for an hour!

After puttering around for most of the morning, and getting what I thought was a break in the rain, we ventured out to the farmers market. Of course, by the time I got everyone dressed/out to the car, the downpour started up again, and I debated on turning the car around and going back home. There weren’t too many vendors there–I suppose no one wanted to stand out in the rain for 4 hours, and I can’t say that I blame them! But because we made the effort and drove over (rather than walking, which normally we do since it’s all of 3 blocks from our house), I finally got out and made a mad dash for the main tent to check things out. We didn’t need any meat, although I was hoping to find some eggs or chicken. I ended up getting some bread:

I normally don’t buy bread unless it’s either a specialty bread (like the baguette above) or (more often than not) I’ve neglected to take one of my own loaves out of the freezer to thaw! Cider Hill Farm always has delicious baguettes, and the cracked pepper parmesan sounded too good to pass up:

I’m trying to think what I want to do with it, whether or not to make sandwiches with it, or make some pasta and just tear it apart & soak up some marinara! The baguette might become lunch here in a few, although I haven’t decided what to do with that either!

I also picked up 3 of these beauties:

Chocolate-butterscotch chip scones. My only regret is that I didn’t buy any more (although I think I got the last 3), and that I didn’t have more coffee to go with them. Sweet, but not hurt-your-teeth sweet. I do believe there were some walnuts in them as well, for an extra crunch. If the weather’s decent and they’re available next Saturday, I’ll have to get more.

I’m thinking that because it’s supposed to be a little chilly (for June) and damp all day, we might be having soup for dinner tonight. I just have to decide what kind I want to make! And I need to get the grocery list made and the rest of the shopping done.

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2 Replies to ““On [Saturdays] I go shopping & have buttered scones for tea…””

  1. So sorry about the weather! We tried to go to a farmer’s market this morning…but it was closed. Bummer. But I couldn’t think of a better way of spending the weekend than eating pastries and perusing fruit and veggie stands!

    • Thanks for stopping by! We’ve got a real break in the weather now (the sun is actually shining!), although judging by all the clouds I see piling up in the West, I think more rain is on its way. I’m hoping that Wednesday (the next time our farmers’ market is open) will have better weather, and I can actually take my time looking around!