And I have nothing to do at all this weekend. Well, I probably should work on trimming the hedges. Last fall, we hired someone to come and do it, because they were out of control, and way too much for us to handle. I shot my mouth off about it, and because he sometimes like pawning stuff off on me (and attempting to call my bluff), Jay informed me that the hedges are my responsibility from now on. Lucky me.

This week has been a little chaotic (again), and I kind of hate it. I had a couple meetings for various work-related things, and after work, there were other things. Tuesday night was dinner out and my haircut. Wednesday night, I think we actually stayed home, although I don’t really remember. Last night (after one of the work meetings), Jay & the bambino went and had their pictures taken–The local paper runs a parent-child lookalike contest around both Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, and because the bambino is the spitting image of his father, I arranged the photo shoot and contest entry (which, if you go to Melby’s Studio, there’s no sitting fee, and they submit the photo for you for free. If you use your own photo, you pay a $25 entry fee.). The prize is a free 16X20 portrait and photo session, and while I don’t expect the boys to win, it sure would be nice if they did.

So by tonight, I was a little worn out, and at the moment I’ve got a headache going on, which is why this was dinner:

Pathetic, I know. While I have some steaks thawed, I wasn’t in the mood for cooking. Jay polished off some leftovers, while the bambino ate most of the Dark Chocolate Dreams off his English Muffin. They’re snacking on the last bits of pineapple and strawberries at the moment.

Because we’re broke to the point that I’m not going grocery shopping until next week sometime (after we both get paid again), I thought it might be a little fun to just use up the pantry. We have plenty of meat, tons of pasta, and I’ve got flour and some potatoes. What I don’t have is milk, much in the way of cheese, vegetables or fruit. I know I’ve still got the frozen green beans, but I think that’s about it. So this will be interesting. I foresee a lot of pasta in our immediate future. And it’s my own fault. I always think that we have more money than we do, and then something comes along to bite us on the ass–Like the gas bill increasing. We’re on the budget plan, but were carrying a balance, so the monthly payment went up $50. That’s not a huge amount, but when you’re already on a precariously tight budget, it’s enough to hurt. So we’ll see.

And as long as I’m in full-on whine mode, I should point out the FoodBuzz Daily Special. A set of mesh colanders, for about $20. Something that I would love, as I have 2 colanders…This monster of a colander that my sister Kendra & I bought when we got our apartment together, and a smaller OXO one that I got with wedding money. The mesh ones would be especially nice for smaller pastas, like pastina or orzo. Plus, they just look nice.

But all that aside, I’m looking forward to the weekend. The only place we have to go is over to the in-laws’ for Sunday dinner, and even that’s optional!

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