It’s been a long day. I haven’t done  a whole lot in the way of anything. It rained for most of the morning, so I never got around to trimming the hedges. I have a feeling that’s going to wind up being one of those things that either I take off an afternoon and work on, or I wait till it’s too late again, and save up the money to hire someone to do it for me!

I did do some cooking today. I started the “use what’s in the pantry” game this morning with some scrambled eggs, and the last of my Bible Bread (I’d forgotten about it, and found it in the back of the fridge).

I skipped lunch, since there wasn’t much in the way of lunch food to eat. I haven’t thawed any bread, and the leftovers in the fridge are from about a week ago (three days is my threshold on eating leftovers from the fridge). Jay had those for lunch.

And while Jay had some guys over for board games (not regular board games…Geektard board games, although the two guys that came over are very nice and not live-in-my-parents-basement geeky…One teaches at SDSU (I think), and the other is working on his master’s thesis which has something to do with engineering & biomedical something-or-another), I decided I needed to bake a cake. I had all the stuff for a devil’s food cake, so that’s what I made.

I usually like my devil’s food cakes with cream cheese frosting, but since I don’t have any cream cheese, I just made buttercream frosting instead. It was still good, but I had issues with my cake layers.

You can almost see that the layers aren’t exactly together. I neglected to smooth out the bump on my bottom layer, so I had some issues with the top layer sliding all over the place as I was trying to frost the thing! Live and learn, I guess. It’s still edible, but I will never be a professional cake decorator.

And after that, I went to work on dinner:

The steaks had been thawing in the fridge for a couple days, and since it’s still murky out, I didn’t think Jay would feel like grilling. I was just going to do baked potatoes, but I noticed that what was left were just little tiny potatoes, so I figured I’d just do mashed instead. I’m still working on getting mine to turn out like my brother-in-law, Don’s. He makes the BEST mashed potatoes I have ever eaten in my life. Buttery, salty, creamy potato perfection. Kendra has told me before that it’s just a lot of butter, a lot of salt & pepper, and most of the time, he uses half & half instead of milk. And I think he prefers Yukon Golds to Russets. I have tried the Yukon Golds (I do confess, I think they do make a superior mashed potato, but I do love my Russets). I have tried using as much as a half a stick of butter, and I have salted the hell out of my potatoes. I have even gone so far as to use heavy cream in place of whole milk or half & half. Mine have only come close once. Oh well. I’ll keep trying.

I think for tomorrow, we might have pasta. But I haven’t decided yet. It could also be pizza, as I discovered I have a ball of pizza dough hanging out in the fridge as well! I need to dig around in there more often!

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3 Replies to “Saturday…”

  1. Hey… so I heard the trick to mashed potatoes is to heat the milk before adding to the potatoes. ?? Haven’t tried it myself b/c I usually have too much else going on, but let me know if it works!

    • Alley–I’ve heard that too, but I never seem to have the time to bother with it. I’m lucky if I can get my main dish & all my sides on the table within 5 minutes of each other!

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