“Philadelphia freedom I love you…”

I figured that I should maybe do a regular food post, since that’s mainly what I ramble about most days. When I took the steaks out to thaw a couple days ago, I didn’t realize that in the package of ball tips, there were actually 3 separate steaks, so I also took out a sirloin to thaw. I had to come up with something to do with the sirloin, because I refuse to waste steak of any sort. And since we did broiled steaks last night, I decided cheese-steaks sounded good (and easy). I did have to cave and go get rolls–I was going to use the last of the buns I made, but there are only 2 left.

I sliced the sirloins (there were 2 small ones) thinly, and because I wasn’t thinking when I popped the fries into the toaster oven, I decided to let the meat hang out in the fridge for 10 minutes or so. I seasoned it with some salt (not a lot), pepper, onion powder, and Worcestershire sauce.

And then I tossed it into a skillet–I didn’t bother with any olive oil or anything else–I figured there was enough juice from the steak as well as the Worcestershire that I didn’t need anything else.

I did drain it before I separated it into 3 piles, and added the cheese:

I let the meat dry out a bit more, and the cheese melt more before piling in into the hoagie rolls I bought, and plating up:

With just some malt vinegar & salt on the fries, I was happy. Yeah, I could’ve had an actual vegetable or something on the side, but even as less-than-healthy as this meal probably was, it’s still better than eating out.

Funny aside: When I was taking this particular photo, for whatever reason, my camera’s face recognition tried to focus on Spock. It made me chuckle. After clearing the table, I sliced myself some cake, and once the last load of laundry is folded & put away, I’m done for the night!

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2 Replies to ““Philadelphia freedom I love you…””

  1. This post is going to make me dream about vinegar fries and melty cheese steak sandwiches. Then, I am probably gonna have to make one.