Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!!

I’m ready to sail away, with all the rain we’ve had! I told Jay this evening that I really should not have to worry about my SAD in the middle of JUNE, but I’m craving sunshine. And far less humidity.

This morning at work was minorly stressful, because after two-and-a-half years’ worth of whining/complaining/begging (mostly on my part), our department FINALLY got a new printer. And with all new equipment comes kinks, quirks, and bugs, so it was a little irksome for awhile. I opted to come home for lunch, even though I packed & brought my lunch to work. I needed the mental break, plus all I had was salad & strawberries. I decided at the last minute that I wanted a little more, and I knew I still had cake at home.

And because I also knew there was leftover steak at home, I made myself a steak salad.

There really is more than just lettuce in that salad, I promise. The steak made the salad just filling enough, that I only ate a few of my strawberries.

After work, we had some errands to run, and thanks to the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received a coupon for a free Buitoni Riserva Frozen Meal for Two:

I figured that because the bambino eats about 2 bites of something, then he’s done (unless it involves steak or bread, in which case he inhales it), there would be plenty for Jay & I. I did slice up some bread and got out the olive oil and dipping spices to go with:

Overall, Jay & I thought it was good. I liked it well-enough, and Jay said about the only thing he didn’t care for was the lack of spice to it. If I got this particular meal again, he’d be inclined to toss some crushed red pepper flakes on it. I liked the ease of preparation–You toss the sauce bag into a large pot of water, bring it to a boil, then add in the pasta, and 5 minutes later, you’re done! Drain the pasta & toss it in the sauce. I’d be inclined to have a couple of these on hand for nights like tonight–We didn’t get home until right before 6, and we were at the table eating before 6:30.

And while I left a full piece of cake for Jay, he cut that in half, so I ate the very last piece for dessert! All in all, I think dinner was a simply prepared success!

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2 Replies to “Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!!”

  1. I haven’t been doing too well with our gloomy days, either. The days are longer– but there’s only a suggestion of light. Ugh!

    Your steak salad sounded so good, I prepped a portion of top sirloin for dinner. The marinade is currently doing its thing, and by the end of my day I will have an awesome meal. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  2. Raineth–I was so happy to see the sunshine yesterday, I was practically punch-drunk! And I hope you enjoyed your steak salad…You always come up with awesome recipes, that I bet it was delectable! :)