“Hurry hurry hurry, before I go insane…”

I haven’t posted for a couple days, because, well, I haven’t exactly been up to much. Truth be told, it’s been a long week, and I am ready for this weekend, even if I have to work Saturday morning!

Tuesday, because we were still in “use up the pantry” mode, I made some fried rice & beef, courtesy of Esi at Dishing Up Delights. Mine was nowhere near as pretty as the photo on her site (which is why I didn’t photograph mine), but it was delicious, and it will go into the menu rotation.

I took Wednesday afternoon off, as it was supposed to be the only nice day this week–We’ve had so much rain and storm activity lately, it’s gotten old. And because our hedges were out of control, I decided to beat them back. They went from this:

To this:

That picture’s a bit on the dark side, but you can kind of see how they’re shorter, and slightly cleaned up. It only took me about 2 hours to do both sides of the sidewalk (we live on a corner lot) and the front & back of the hedge itself. I probably could’ve gotten it done sooner, but I took frequent breaks because of the heat, and because holding the hedge trimmers for too long aggravates my carpal tunnel syndrome. And because I was exhausted once I was done, I let someone else do the cooking for me:

It was a welcome treat, as was the big bucket o’ ice cream Jay bought:

I was stuffed after the pizza, but it’s been a long time since I’d had Neapolitan ice cream, that I got myself a bowl.

I did break down and go grocery shopping this evening. I thought I was being smart by going at 6:30 this evening–There’s always a mad rush right at 5 o’clock, but I figured that between 6 & 6:30, most people would be eating dinner. But no, Hy-Vee was busier than I expected. I still got the shopping done, though, because we were desperate! We have a nice full fridge now:

We were/are fine on meat (I did pick up bacon & sausage), but we pretty much had nothing else. No milk, no fruit, barely any salad, and the only bread is the remains of the loaf of Italian bread Jay bought the other night to go with our Buitoni meal. It will become paninis tomorrow night. Our freezer is pretty well-stocked again, too:

I am thinking that I should’ve picked up more French fries, though. I want/need a reason to buy this. Foodbuzz’s Daily Special today is a nonstick French fry pan, and I’m telling myself that it would be a good investment with the amount of French fried potatoes that are consumed in this house (and it’s mostly by me…Jay’s not a huge fan of fries, and while the bambino will eat them, he’s more apt to lick the ketchup off his plate than to scarf his ‘taters!). I may have to order myself one before I head upstairs to bed.

And lastly, before I do go get myself ready for bed…My guys won!!! Jay called me yesterday on one of my hedge-trimming breaks to tell me that he & the bambino were chosen the winners of the Father-Child Lookalike contest! Melby hasn’t updated their blog yet, so I don’t have a link to the winning photo, but I will as soon as it’s available. I’m so thrilled–I finally get the family portrait I’ve been wanting since the bambino was able to sit up! And on that note, I’m off to bed.

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2 Replies to ““Hurry hurry hurry, before I go insane…””

  1. Hi Rachel, great news about the look-alike contest! As soon as I read your blog the other day and you said they were entering I knew they had it it the bag. The bambino is the spitting image of his dada!!

    Neopolitan ice cream. We must be on the same wavelength- I just had a bowl the other day- after about 13 years! No joke!

    I also met a lovely young girl at work yesterday ( I did her senior formal makeup, oh the days) and she was your doppleganger. So very strange, her name was Emily and I called her Rachel twice, my other team members thought I had gone crazy! LOL

    • Thanks Ness! I was pretty pleased & proud as punch of my 2 guys. :) I just wish the photographer would hurry & update his own blog so all you guys can see how great their photo turned out!

      Too funny…I waffled between that & chocolate chip, but the bambino decided he wanted “choc-ate-staw-berry” so that’s what we got! And I’m glad we did…I don’t think I’ve had it since I left Ohio!

      And that’s funny that I have an Aussie twin running around! I like that a lot. :)