“You’ve got a friend in me…”

Today’s been a good day. I did make it over to the new coffee place here in Brookings, Choco Latte.

They looked a little frazzled, but I imagine it’s because they just opened (I don’t know exactly when–I only noticed Thursday night they were now open). I was excited when I saw this:

Hy-vee carried a version of it for awhile (espresso, I think), but I haven’t seen it there in awhile. I usually buy it down in Sioux Falls at World Market. I need more coffee like I need a hole in my head, but I couldn’t resist.

I don’t know why, but I judge coffee shops & houses on the basis of their hazelnut lattes. This one was good–I don’t like my lattes to be overly sweet, and this one wasn’t. I picked up a vanilla latte for Hal–He said his was good too.

After work, we had some time to kill before we walked over to the theater, so I ate some leftover rice for lunch (I was hoping not to gorge on popcorn & candy at the theater, but that was not the case). I just added some butter and soy sauce, which I haven’t had in a very long time:

It was good enough. The bambino ended up eating more of it than I did! Then we headed off to the movies:

The bambino was excited to go, although we all got a little cranky while waiting in line to get into the theater where the movie actually was. But the bambino behaved himself and we all enjoyed the movie.

I’ll have to remember (one of these days) to add that stub into his baby book…If I ever get around to updating it!

We popped out to the store once the movie was over, then came home where I got to work on dinner. I made the bacon and potato frittata again. This time, though, I made it into sandwiches:

And I had a salad on the side:

When I went to the store, baby greens were on sale, so I picked up some. I like them a bit better than regular greens–They’re tender and sweeter.

And since tomorrow’s Father’s Day, the bambino will choose where to take Jay for dinner. I need to figure out a time to have him sign Jay’s card, too!

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