Happy Father’s Day!

We’ve had a fun, yet full weekend. For Father’s Day, we ventured down to Sioux Falls for some shopping. Before we went, I made breakfast (since I figured we’d just have 2 semi-large meals), and I started on dessert:

When my dad was here, he picked this up in the Goss Opera House gift shop, the day we went to see the dinosaur exhibit. I never got around to making this until today, but it was easy enough. Just the packets, and a few other ingredients:

I started working on it as I made my “happy Father’s Day” call to my dad this morning. All I had to do was make a graham cracker crust, which was easy enough (I could’ve copped out and bought one, but we had plenty of graham crackers leftover from our S’mores desserts a couple weeks ago).

Then I whipped up the cream cheese, whipped topping (although even generic whipped topping is Cool Whip, as far as I’m concerned) and a quarter-cup of butter. There was a packet of toffee bits in the package, that was almost like powder, which I added to the cream cheese mixture. Then I spooned it into the crust:

Then I topped it with some the other packet of toffee bits:

Then I stuck it back into the fridge to set up until we got back from Sioux Falls. While we were there, the bambino decided we should eat at Texas Roadhouse for Father’s Day, so we did.

This isn’t the winning contest photo…Melby Photography still hasn’t updated the blog, which I’m hoping maybe they’ll do tomorrow. We didn’t eat the greatest, but it’s almost impossible to find much “healthy” to eat there. We started with some chicken:

And then came the steak:

Yeah, I could’ve gotten a sweet potato or even a regular baked potato, but I was kind of in the mood for junk food, hence the fries. I did get applesauce as my other side (in lieu of my usual salad):

And after a stop at Target, we made our way back to Brookings. Jay enjoyed his Father’s Day, and I think the bambino liked hanging out with his daddy. And I’m off to work on the laundry I didn’t bother doing until we got home!

Cream Cheese

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6 Replies to “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Yummy! Love me some toffee bits. Joe requested a chocolate chip, pecan cookie pie – it was delicious. Sometimes I surprise myself.

    • Mmm…I love anything with pecans and chocolate chips…I would love that recipe if you’re willing to share. :D

  2. Hi, Rachel. It looks as if you had a fun day. I wondered what one could do in Sioux Falls, so now I have an idea….Dan

    • Hi Dan,
      We did have a lot of fun. Brookings is a nice little town, but if you want shopping or dining, you’re better off going to SIoux Falls. There’s a lot more selection of both down there!