Sucking it up

Scenes like this are why I like going out for early-morning walks:

It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and I can get lost in my own thoughts. After my whining last night, I decided this morning to stop feeling sorry for myself, get off my butt and go out walking. I’ve been wanting to the past few mornings, but I’ve either been too tired, or it’s been raining. This morning was perfect, though. It was even a little cool, which was really nice after the thick humidity the past few days.

I talked to Jay a bit yesterday about my whole weight-loss plateau and a few other things, and he said that if it would help me out, we’d go for more walks as a family, and he’d even be willing to exercise with me, if we got a DVD or something. I thought yoga might be good, only because we both could use help in becoming more flexible, and I thought it would be something the bambino could easily imitate, if he chose. I must say, I was pretty impressed at the number of poses he very quickly got into, and I suspect that they do some of the simpler stuff at his daycare.

And I was extremely proud of Jay for taking the plunge and doing the workout with me. I know he knows he could be in better shape, but as I’ve told him before, I know his appearance isn’t as important to him as mine is to me (which is not to say that I think he’s fat or anything like that–I don’t). It does help to have a workout partner, though, and I’m really glad he’s willing to do this with me.

We ate kind of late, and no, I did not cook (again), so I don’t have pictures of anything other than dessert:

We’re still working our way through the big bucket o’ ice cream Jay bought a week or two ago. I had myself a Healthy Choice meal, which came with a dessert, but the apples in the apple crisp were too hard–I like my apple crisps mushy. So after my one bite, I decided I’d have some ice cream. I didn’t cram the bowl full like I normally do, and I think I’m set for the rest of the evening!

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