“Kick off your Sunday shoes…”

I got up at five yesterday morning, as I do most mornings, but I had to be over at our east branch location in order to catch the bus that was taking us to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, to see “Footloose.” I went into this being a child of the 80’s but never having seen the movie (I would’ve been 9 when it came out). And my only experience with the Chanhassen Dinner Theater is from numerous MST3K references. I didn’t even realize until I moved out here that it was a real place! When the trip was announced at work, and was opened up to employees, my friend Allison suggested we go. So we did. And it was a lot of fun (and now I kind of want to see the movie, just to compare).

So we had to be at the bank at 6:30 yesterday morning to get on the bus:

I was awake and all, but it was still REALLY early. Shari, another coworker came along, as did Allison’s mom:

We left Brookings around 7, then headed off to Chanhassen. We made a breakfast stop in Redwood Falls, MN, which was much-needed:

I’d meant to grab something more than coffee before I left the house, but I ran out of time. So I inhaled most of my breakfast once I got it. Then it was back on the bus.

And then off through the Minnesota countryside:

And around 11:15 or 11:30, we reached Chanhassen.

I’m guessing because of the low batteries in my camera, some of the photos I took didn’t exactly work out the way I was hoping. But you get the idea. We made our way to our seats (which ended up being awesome–Right in the center, stage level), and got settled in:

I’d looked over the menu before, and thought I’d settled on what I wanted, but when we were given it to look over again on the bus ride there, I kept changing my mind. And even once we were seated, I still had trouble figuring out what I wanted.

I did decide, though, because it was a special occasion (and I wasn’t driving), a cocktail was necessary:

It’s hard to see, but that concoction (I think) was called a “New Blue Shooz.” Vodka, Blue Curacao, orange juice and club soda. It was yummy. And I finally settled on pasta, once our waiter told us the specials:

My only complaint about it was that it wasn’t as hot as it could’ve been. Actually, I think everyone at our table made that comment. It was still good, though. We put in our dessert orders (which came at intermission), and then settled in to watch “Footloose.” I had to laugh at some of the costumes…It makes me wonder what in the world we were all thinking back in the 80’s! But it was a fun performance, and I enjoyed it (again, not knowing exactly the full story line, but knowing enough about 80’s movies in general to be able to figure it out).

Then it was back on the bus to come home. We stopped for dinner in Gaylord, MN:

I ended up just getting the basics for dinner, because I wasn’t too hungry, but I figured I’d better eat now, because if I didn’t, I’d be starving by the time we got home:

And as we were getting ready to leave, Allison’s dad called her mom to tell her there was some pretty severe weather passing through Marshall, MN, which was the direction in which we were headed. We left, and continued on that route, although I think the bus driver and Gloria, our trip coordinator, were working on an alternate route home. Not that it mattered, because there was severe weather pretty much all over SD, NE, IA, and MN, so no matter what, we were driving into a mess:

That is how dark it got at about 7 last night. Our bus driver finally pulled off the road, because the wind had picked up enough that he said he wasn’t comfortable going on until the storm passed. So we pulled in back of a gas station just outside of Sleepy Eye, MN, and waited.

And then it hit. It’s difficult to see in that picture, but the areas where the clouds kind of dip down were funnel clouds that would form, then dissipate. I alternated between wishing one would touch down (I have a bit of storm chaser in me) and praying that I wouldn’t see it & freak out! We had to wait about an hour for the storm to blow over, then we headed back to Brookings.

And once I got home, I got into my pajamas, and headed to bed. It was a very long day, but it was a lot of fun!

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