Procrastination is a wonderful thing…

I sort of dropped the ball on Friday. I’d said before I left work on Thursday that because I knew we’d be working with a skeleton crew, I’d bring treats for those of us who were slaving away. Well, in between our walk home, the yoga, and everything else, I plum forgot about making cookies until right before I was going to bed. So I said I’d make them over the weekend, assuming I wasn’t too worn out.

I opted on Brownie Cookies, which I’d made before. I knew the recipe was in one of my Every Day Food magazines, but I wasn’t 100% sure which one:

That’s just over 2 years’ worth. My cousin Julie gave me a subscription for Christmas, and I extended it myself, so I’m going to receive these through 2013. Which means I’m going to have to clear out the bottom shelves in my hutch to make room!

After I found it (June, 2009 issue) I gathered all my ingredients:

And then got to work. I really think I need to start saving for a stand-mixer (I know, I keep saying this). Making things (like these cookies) that require you to alternate wet & dry ingredients is a HUGE pain in the butt when using a hand-held. I was also kind of excited, because this was the first time I got to use my “new” Pampered Chef cookie scoop (I saw “new” because I’ve had it for months; I just haven’t gotten around to baking cookies until now). MUCH easier than trying to drop batter with a tablespoon (and the “dough” for these cookies is essentially brownie batter).

And after 14 minutes, I had chocolatey-cinnamony-chewy goodness:

If ever there was a cookie that needed a cold glass of milk to go with it, this cookie is it. It’s the two best parts of a brownie: The crackled top, and the chewy bottom. Yum. I’ve already eaten more of them than I need to for the day.

But I figure they’ll keep my energy up while I’m off folding laundry!

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2 Replies to “Procrastination is a wonderful thing…”

  1. Hi, Rachel. These cookies do look tasty (I don’t know what to think about “Footloose” at the dinner theatre, though it seemed to be fun!). Thanks, Dan

    • The cookies were a hit both at home and at work, I am happy to report. The whole dinner experience was fun, although I don’t know that I’d go back to see something along the lines of “Guys & Dolls” or anything like that. I’m not a huge fan of musicals or plays in general. But I did have fun, and the food was decent!