Before I forget…

(And because I REALLY want to win the challenge) Here’s today’s Foodbuzz Daily Special: An awesome knife sharpener. Would that I had the $170 to order one of these babies–I am horrible at sharpening my knives on any regular basis, although the more I use them, the better about that I try to be. Still, one of these would be great to have around the house. There’s nothing worse than trying to do prep work with a dull knife!

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4 Replies to “Before I forget…”

  1. Agreed on the dull knife front … since all of my kitchenalia is now packed in storage, I’ve come to realise how much I miss my knife block with its lovely sharp knives. It makes such a difference to food preparation to have not only the right tool for the job, but one that works! Good luck, I hope you win the challenge :-)

    • I heart my knife block very much, but I’d love to have a decent sharpener as well. And thanks–I’m hoping I win the challenge too! :)

    • Good question on the avatar…I have yet to figure out how to get my old one from my other wordpress blog to show up or how to create a new one!