“Omaha Somewhere in middle America…”

That picture’s from 4 years ago, when Jay & I spent a weekend with Inga & Mike the summer before we got married. That was a really fun year, and we did a LOT of traveling: We went to South Padre Island, Omaha, my sister Kendra & I flew to Las Vegas for a weekend, and of course, I turned our wedding trek back to Ohio into an almost 2-week-long road trip (with stops in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Newport, KY). I’m pretty sure we probably also fit a weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul in that year too.

We’ll be heading out sometime this morning, once I get my boys corralled and everything packed/cleaned/etc. There’s a few things on the agenda, and I hope for some good eats to show off on the blog! Hope everyone has a good (and safe) 4th of July and I’ll see y’all in a few days!

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